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Top 5 Online Workout Videos // Getting Quarantoned

It’s been just under a month since our lockdown in Paris started, and my life has basically been taken over by online workout videos. Since I don’t have my twice-weekly floorball practices OR access to the gym (that I can literally see from my living room window), I picked up my pre-Paris regime of following some online fitness gurus. AND today, inspired by the queen Lindsay Silberman, I’m sharing my favs that can help us all get quarantoned.

POPSUGAR Fitness 30 Minute Hip Hop Tabata

I’m a big fan of all of the POPSUGAR Fitness videos, and I always turn to them if I ever need a quick hit of inspiration when I’m not sure of what workout to do. I especially love their dance-inspired videos – they always leave me sweaty but inspired!

Blogilates 10 Minute Arm Toner

I LOVE blogilates! All of the videos are fun and have such a nice vibe to it. This arm video is my fav of a few that I’ve tried and repeatedly do, and it’s a quick way to pop in a workout whenever I’m feeling lazy or after a run.

POPSUGAR Fitness 45 Minutes No Equipment Barre

Barre is definitely my most recent discovery and I can’t get enough of it. There are tons of great videos out there (I even have my own dedicated playlist) but (as usual) I’m pretty keen on this one from PS.

Pamela Reif 10 Minute Abs

I don’t remember how I found the Pamela Reif week-long challenges, but they have seriously gotten me through quarantine. I first did the 30 minute challenge, then the 45 minute challenge, and now I pick and choose from my favs that I’ve found! Expect a great workout with Pamela every time.

Chloe Ting 25 Minute Full Body

And – finally – my favourite! I love this workout from Chloe Ting. This is actually the video I followed the most in the months leading up to our wedding last October. They’re quick, fun, and super easy to follow along. 10/10 would recommend.

Any other suggestions that I should look into? Sounds like we might be stuck on the inside until 10 May here in Paris, so the more online workouts I can follow, the better!





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