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The Last Two Months in Paris // Life Update

the last two months in Paris

Life comes at you fast, right? And the last two months in Paris have felt like they’ve FLOWN by. The last real update on what’s been happened in Paris was back in May, so here’s what we’ve been up to:

The last two months in Paris

Terraces were open since the beginning of June, with restos/bars/etc being open for half capacity a few weeks later. Stomach = happy. Wallet = not.

Parks and gardens opened for groups and we spent hours enjoying the sun at the Tuileries.

We did day trips to Chantilly (just the gardens) and Versailles (the full tour – masks on and socially distanced. And our visit to Chigny-les-Roses lasted a full weekend – so we could do some champagne tastings, of course!

To get ourselves out of Paris for more than a day, Peej found a manor house in Normandy to use as a base as we worked during the day and explored the beaches in the evening. Many pictures were taken, but I was especially fond of this wall:

More holiday? We booked a little stay in Belgium to stay at a friend’s house while they’re on holiday in Italy. Some sun, relaxation, and a pool are exactly what I could use right now.

Discovered the Fit On app, which provides programmes and individual classes from top-rated fitness instructors. I’m already feeling the burn and it’s only been a week! It’s seriously the only fitness app I think I’ll use from now on.

We experienced Bastille Day from the start of the Tuileries with such a fun group of people, watching the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower.

Celebrated T’s 28th right on the Champ de Mars and were treated to the most wonderful summer night!

sparkler in front of the Eiffel Tower

I signed up for a new French course! Each day in August, I’ll be chatting for an hour with our professor and a few other ladies as I try to take my intermediate vocab and extremely shy speaking to the next level.

And my final July accomplishment – I successfully took part in the HEC Paris Summer School course in Luxury Management and learned a lot. Would highly recommend it for students looking to learn more or for any young professionals interested in learning more about the luxury sector. Is an MBA in my future? This course has me slightly convinced…

So, what have you gotten up to over the last two months? Any Parisians that have some secret new spots they’ve discovered?




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