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Suz & the Celebrations

Suz & the sun paisley dress, Suz & the sun style, Suz & the sun leather brogues
Yesterday I was informed of my thesis grade, and I have to say, I’m really happy about it. My stressful months and sleepless nights paid off! We had even more to celebrate with PJ and his mom, and we had an incredible meal (duck filled with goat cheese and honey? Yum.) with an even nicer dessert. It was a great way to close out walking around one of the most beautiful but depressing towns I’ve ever been to where PJ and his mama had a meeting. 
Suz & the sun food, Louis Clesse dessert platter
Suz & the sun dog, Suz & Mr. Hobson, french bulldog puppy,
When we finally got home, I had a wonderful time running around in the backyard with my little sun dog. All in all, it was a pretty perfect day. I was with my big love and my little loves, had a delightful meal and had the most relaxing sleep (don’t tell my mama I woke up at noon).
Paisley Dress (similar here, similar maxi here) // BP Leather brogues (similar here) // Silver Bangle 
Luckily, the good times keep happening, and my little sun dog is using his big eyes to beg for a belly rub. So I’m off!




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