Sundaze in the park

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I need a vacation.
And that’s saying something since we practically finished winter holidays yesterday. Which, duh, is an exaggeration, but having your whole family in town can be the most fun though thoroughly exhausting exercise known to man.
Thus – I take my weekends extremely seriously, especially Sundays. When I first moved to Belgium I was actually mad that things weren’t open on the day that I like to do my necessary business. You know – buying the essentials, hauling a massive amount of groceries and stalking all of my favourite high street stores like I hadn’t been in them the day before…
But my Sundays now consist of sleeping in, pancakes, puppy walks in beautiful country side and the occasional workout *like* this past weekend’s 15 minute barre class that has left me in pain for hours.
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Luckily, I have a little sleeping Hobson next to me warming me up, and mugs on mugs of rooibos tea in just one of my delightful mugs. One of many. I might have a problem.
My other problem will be waking up tomorrow at 7am for work, but hey. At least I have my mugs, right?
And a spooning, farting dog. C’est la vie.