Rock n’ Rose // Gold Chokers

rock n rose chokers, gold chokers, suz and the sun jewels, claudia choker, arlo choker

Happy Sunday! 
I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted. SO many things have happened, including my 27th birthday & a few nice weekend getaways to bask in some Vitamin D. Aging, come at me.

rock n rose chokers, claudia choker, arlo choker, renee delicate choker
Claudia, Renee & Arlo, aka my new best friends

The sun has also decided to grace us with its presence and spring is here! I decided to celebrate that fact with a little gift to myself. I’ve been looking for a nice gold choker but I’ve only been able to find them on US sites (considering the bloggers I follow). I usually don’t like anything tight around my neck, but I finally came across Rock N Rose, a UK-based brand, and these beauties were something special. My choices were pretty clear from the get go. And there was a 25% off sale. It would have been a crime to myself not to indulge. Also, I ordered them Tuesday night and they were in my hands Friday morning.
I got three – one base chain and two to wear with it. I got the Arlo in gold as my base (but I’m equally obsessed with the Joelle and might grab it anyway), and took two toppers: the Renee, a gorgeous delicate chain, and the Claudia. The pink stones scream sunny weekends and white blouses.  It was between those pics and the Alexandra, which would def. match all my turquoise jewelry – but I feel like I’m cheating on my favorite store if I don’t buy it in New Mexico.

rock n rose chokers, arlo choker, renee delicate choker, gold plated chokers, suz and the sun style
Arlo is having a little dance on the side of my neck, apparently…
This is basically exactly what I wore yesterday to dinner and drinks with some friends – they showed up at separate times and were both extra impressed with my jewelry decisions. These babies can dress up any shirt. I mean, I know. They’re fantastic.
I’m really happy with the vibrancy of the colours – the chains are gold plated so should last for quite some time as long as I take care of them well and don’t get caught in any sudden rain storms. But this is Belgium, so…I guess I’ll have to be extra careful since I’ll probably be wearing them every day this spring and summer, especially for my trip to London in ten days. 
Enjoy your Sunday! I’m going back to watching The Lost World and hanging out with my sun puppy.