Paris in August // What To Do When the City ‘Closes’

When people tell you that the locals leave Paris in August like the ground inside the périphérique is lava, they’re not wrong. While it’s a good time for tourists and soon-to-be-locals like me to get their bearings in the city and take in the sights, there are a lot of minor inconveniences that will meet you in the last full summer month in the city of lights.… View Post

Loves of the Last Week // Paris Edition // 04.08.19

Last week was the first time PJ and I were in Paris together since we found out we’ll be moving there!… View Post

5 local spots in Gent I think you should visit

I’ve been living in Gent just over 4 years, so I like to think of myself as a faux-cal – long enough that I know some spots and know them well, but not long enough that I know everything – unlike one of my expat friends who somehow knows every 👏 single 👏 good 👏 spot 👏 in this city. But like I said, I like to think that I know at least something, so below, my favourite spots for a niiiiiiice glass of something to hit the spot when you need it. … View Post

Wildflowers & Windmills at Kinderdijk

Did you ever come upon something so remarkable and unexpected that it actually took your breath away? I’m not often rendered speechless, but that’s exactly what happened to me on our trip to Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring… View Post

Loves of the Last Week // Birthday Edition

Okay, I know this version is a day late, but that’s because I turned 29 this weekend (and consequently had a lot of naps to recover my strength over the last few days…)! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind… View Post