Fun Fringe with Pretty Pink

SO after the week from hell, I thought I deserved a little bit of pampering. Tim’s 4th year Pharmacy Ball was Saturday, and my hair needed a lot of work before then, so I went and got a moisturizing treatment and… View Post

Best. Hair. Ever.

Sorry everyone – I’ve been so busy this week and last, but finally the day of our big event is here! After today my life will be far less stressed and I can get back to posting, but until then…… View Post

Awards Night

Last Thursday, I got to go to an Awards Ceremony celebrating South Africa’s top social entrepreneurs, and while it wasn’t how I intended to spend my FNO, it was awesome seeing all of these amazing people get awards to keep… View Post

outfit | springtime sunshine

This weekend’s fun included: Shooting a 37 at the mashie golf course – just two behind the boyfriend 🙂 Champagne, premiere league and 1408 Taking puppy to Milnerton and enjoying the sunshine in the first few days of spring! Now… View Post

How sweet it is

It’s been so cold and I’ve been working so hard recently, that I decided to treat myself to one of life’s little delicacies this week. Considering I worked a 12 hour day on Monday and I’m getting paid in nothing… View Post