‘Twas the most Belgian day of the year

Sunday turned out to be the most Belgian day of the summer for me, even though I’ve already been here for a month.  We started with a cycle tour (of course) of De Kastelenroute, or basically a tour of massive… View Post

Family trippin

So, a little background. My father is Swedish, mother is American, but my brother and I were born and raised (albeit briefly, nine and seven years respectively) in South Africa. This June, my brother graduated with his first Master’s degree… View Post


For 2013, I resolve to post more. GREs and grad school apps took the better of my time, but I’m glad to say it paid off: I’ve been accepted to London Met Uni for next year waiting to hear back… View Post

Fun Fringe with Pretty Pink

SO after the week from hell, I thought I deserved a little bit of pampering. Tim’s 4th year Pharmacy Ball was Saturday, and my hair needed a lot of work before then, so I went and got a moisturizing treatment and… View Post

Best. Hair. Ever.

Sorry everyone – I’ve been so busy this week and last, but finally the day of our big event is here! After today my life will be far less stressed and I can get back to posting, but until then…… View Post