Mood Music Monday // Puppy Love!

The greatest moment of my life (post Master’s degree) happened this Saturday when…drumroll please…we got a PUPPY! I’ve been dreaming about this little guy for five years and it finally came true.  But more on that later.  This last week… View Post

Suz & the Study Essentials

Monday was my final meeting with my thesis advisor, and I can happily say that I am RELIEVED by what he had to say about my work. That being said, this is my final week in the library before I… View Post

5 Lazy Girl Ways To Cheer Up Instantly

Sometimes, all you want to do is stay in bed. Girl, I get it. I understand this more than most people I’ve encountered. I have a terrible time sleeping, and it’s been an ongoing struggle since I was 17. Somedays,… View Post

Suz & the Jewels // Wanderlust + Co

Tri-Geo Gold Ring (size 6) & Tri-Arrow Gold Necklace (60% off!!!) Yesterday I turned in my final draft of my Master’s thesis. And, lucky me, my order from Wanderlust + Co came in the mail. I LOVE my new pieces – they fit so… View Post

Mood Music Monday // Ocean

I’m lucky to have a brother with such an ecclectic taste in music. You could ask for a genre and I bet he could give you five incredible songs right then and there. So it only makes sense that some… View Post