Suz & the Crochet Dress // POTD: Product of the Day

Crochet is a huge hit this summer. And let’s be honest, when are white maxi’s not a good idea? I love an affordable piece to wear, and Forever 21’s Crochet Maxi Dress is spot on. Forever 21 Crochet Paneled Maxi… View Post

Mood Music Monday: Små grodorna för Midsommar!

Two years ago I went to my first official Midsummer celebration just outside of Stockholm, overlooking a beautiful lake. My entire Scandi-family was there (including PJ), alongside my dad’s high school friends and their families. We sang, we danced, we… View Post

Suz & the Travel Jewelry

I’ve only been upgraded to first class twice in my life. The first time, my family was moving to the US from South Africa. The second was my initial trip to Belgium to see my now-boyfriend’s country for the first… View Post

Suz & the Park // Mr. Hobson and the Rose Dress

As pretty much everyone I’ve ever been in contact with knows, I am a little crazy about this tiny puppy. Today we walked to the park with his adorable Boots & Barkley collar and leash from my parents (though he… View Post

Suz & the Puppy // Mr. Hobson!

I found out last  Friday that I passed my Master’s thesis, and thank everything in the world because my graduation present came in the form of ONE TINY PUPPY on May 30th. He is everything that I could have ever… View Post