Mood Music Monday // The New Retro

Mood Music Monday, New Retro, Americana music, Folk Music, Suz & the Sun music
This Fourth of July weekend PJ and I did a bit of grilling on our terrace with our two furry babies. We were both way too tired to do anything outside of the house during the day this weekend because of the weather. So, we gathered up our one time grill, some ribs and chicken shish kebabs, and turned up the heat and the music at the same time. 
To get in the spirit of the holiday weekend we definitely wanted a super chilled vibe but I also wanted something to remind me of the place I called home for 15 years. I was so happy to find this playlist. I felt like I was down by the river next to my house, sunning on the rocks and having a drink with my friends. Since the weather felt about the same as Richmond in the summer, it wasn’t too hard to imagine. 
But now, lest we linger on too many memories of summers past, I’ll leave you with my new favourite list of summer songs. Enjoy!