Mood Music Monday // Bahari

mood music monday, Bahari EP, Suz and the Sun music
Totally should have posted this last week but I’ve been a bit down and out – going to the dentist and physical therapy for my back and job searching and PJ being away…I’ve been a bit of a lazy mess (though weirdly productive in my physical needs, it seems).
So. Back to my new trio of girl crushes: Bahari. 
I’ve also been listening to these girl non-stop. I actually first discovered them way back in 2014 with the track Wild Ones when we (read: PJ handing me tools and making food while I did the handywork) were putting together some furniture in the apartment, and have been waiting for their new music since then.
Funny enough, I realised that they released more music through Forever 21’s Snapchat, watching them rock out in mini clips with their cool, California-girl rock. I am admittedly obsessed. Check out their new EP, Dancing On The Sun, below.
Hope you love them as much as I do. Perfect cruising music. My favs? Dancing On The Sun and California.