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Loves of the Last Week // 17.2.19

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Oh man – what a week! Valentine’s day dinner was delish, I got some great news on Friday (see my last love), I officially joined my floorball team, and spring is finally here (though while I love the warmth, it’s unnerving that it was 60 degrees in the middle of February)! That, and it’s officially one month until I turn 29. Last week had its ups and downs, but I’m glad that everything happened. 

I am obsessed with bury a friend by Billie Eilish. It’s like Lourde and Regina Spektor combined into an amazing sound. 

Laneige everything! I tried a sample box of their overnight line and am obsessed. Wow. It’s been about a week and I’ll be repurchasing full sizes as soon as my samples are done. 

A tiny bit of stretching each night has given me a bit less morning misery when I wake up after my weeks of much harder exercise. 

The pigeons are back in the tree outside our place. I don’t particularly like them, but they truly are the first sign of spring for us here in Gent. 

Those colour-block leather slingback that I mentioned last week? They’re perfect. 

I scored a few goals in one of my innebandy/floorball scrimmages last week, and I feel like I’m already improving!

THIS piece of magic. I LOVE this hot air set from BaByliss. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover the wonder that is light, fluffy, slightly styled hair. 

It’s been an expensive month, but I’m highly considering this perfect spring sweater.

And now for the big one…I’ve been going to speech therapy for about a month to fix the way I speak and use my tongue. It’s been described as ‘infantile’, but we can already tell there’s a huge difference!

Alongside that, for my insurance to cover my speech therapy I also have to fix a bite issue. So, tomorrow evening I’m getting fitted for my Invisalign trays! My dentist emailed me on Friday to let me know they were ready. She has been amazing and I’m so happy to have her treating me. I only have 22 sets and will be changing weekly, so fingers crossed it goes by fast and painlessly. Perfect teeth and speech, here I come!

Hopefully next week I’ll be saying that clearly and not lisping with a mouth full of plastic ????





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