Loves of the Last Week // 10.2.19 – Suz and the Sun

Another week in the early part of the year, another week of early bedtimes and restless nights. Let’s just say that this week my list of loves is a bit shorter than the last. 

I signed up for the #5SmartReads newsletter by Hitha Palepu thanks to Grace Atwood’s rec. Though I still haven’t had time to read this week’s edition. 

I discovered Laura Bradshaw on Instagram while watching the Instastories from In The Frow. Her photos are beautiful and extremely refreshing. 

And I discovered another 5’2 girl thanks to In The Frow – the beautiful mariajblogs. Short girl style inspo, here I come. 

I have no idea where I saw these, but I immediately ordered these Chanel-esque leather slingbacks from M&S. I can’t wait til they come in and the weather allows me to strap them on. 

When everything else is going to shit, I always have my picture perfect pup

If you can’t tell, I’m extremely excited for spring. Especially for the days where I can wear shirts like this

We’re planning a move and I’m already thinking about where to place this ASOS Supply rug.

Here’s hoping for a calm week!



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