Forever 21 // Autumn Picks

So I think we’re all pretty aware that Forever 21 has some pretty big plans for their future and is really stepping it up in terms of style geared towards…well…people my age, aka the millenials of the world.

And recently, a lot of *ahem* high rollers have been seen wearing those very same shirts we can shop!

But I’ve gotta say, I’ve loved the brand since I first started buying chains upon chains of cheap jewels there back in my teens. Most of my most beloved, bright pieces come from the fast fashion giant, and I am in no way ashamed of my love for them, and it just makes me really excited that they’re going to get the recognition they deserve for being a company that can churn out affordable, great pieces ( as long as you take care of them), and has awesome brand partnerships.
(And, I can only hope that these positives will also turn into more high quality pieces, use better metals in jewelry and safer working conditions in factories across the world.)
Today I’m showing you some of my recent favourite pieces for fall that I can’t wait to get my hands on 😀

They’re a little more subdued and a touch more ‘professional’, if you will, than what I usually wear, but I. Love. It. 

I’m in this crazy “must-get-work-clothes” mindset even though my office is ultra casual (I’m mostly in jeans, occasionally with my dog in my lap), and I’m really digging the preppy/varsity/laid back but boss-lady vibes a lot of the pieces are giving me.
I’m especially impressed with the contemporary line, and that high-neck crochet dress has me catching my breath, and with those silver jewels and a big floppy hat?
Send me to boho heaven! I could die happy. Though not before wearing those clothes. 
Here’s to the beginning of autumn and a whole new way to wear our clothes!