Christmas 2020 Wishlist // It’s that tiiime of year – Suz and the Sun

Christmas 2020 Wishlist // It’s that tiiime of year

I didn’t think I’d be writing a Christmas 2020 wishlist, but mostly because I never thought this year would end. This year has basically lasted 12, and I am thoroughly happy that 31 Dec is two weeks away.

Obviously, I know problems won’t magically cease to exist once the ball drops and the fireworks light up skies around the world. But it’s fun to pretend, and not everything we think about has to be all doom and gloom. And what better way than by getting my mind into the holiday spirit?

My Christmas 2020 Wishlist

Suz and the Sun Christmas 2020 Wishlist
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After this crazy year – and a disappointing last month – my Christmas 2020 wishlist is more practical than usual. Though my heart’s never far from a pretty dress and new makeup, my actual needs in our rather remote-working world encompass just 2 things:

1. Being comfortable in my space

Staring at my medium screen, using my little screen, then moving to my big screen is a huge strain on my eyes. I’ve been wearing IziPizi screen glasses for over 4 years, and I finally cracked my frame. So, I’m pretty sure now is the time to upgrade. New style, new colour, same eyeball protection.

Speaking of space – ours is FRIGID in the winter. For some reason, daytime me just cannot stay warm. So, I either wrap a blanket around myself and sit at my desk, or retreat to my couch to cuddle with Bob. Though we have three blankets on the couch, they’ve all seen way better days. I feel it’s absolutely time to invest in some luxe warmth from at Chez Hobson.

My next need?

2. Moving. My. Butt.

The beginning of 2020 was so good to me! I was exercising, playing floorball twice a week, and was second in the French women’s league in points! But, as soon as that first lockdown began, my motivation couldn’t even come out during our allotted hour of outside time each day. I made some changes, followed a routine. But everything changed on Black Friday (shocking, I know). My biggest motivator has been the FitBit Charge 4 that I bought myself during the sales. Alright, some healthy competition between my colleagues on Stridekick also helped.

Though I love my Fitbit – seriously, I’m obsessed with checking it – I’m not crazy about the strap. I find it especially uncomfortable when I’m in bed. But the sleep analysis function is one of the main reasons I ended up with the Charge 4. I’m hoping that a new set of sleek straps from Amazon will make wearing it less conspicuous and up the comfort factor.

And the final thing on my list: a pair of running shoes! I’m eyeing some that will actually help reduce the impact on my hip, and make my new-found hobby way less painful. My lower body tends to believe that it should belong in that of a 76-year-old. That being what it is, I’m trying to mitigate any ill-effects of this by switching to On running shoes, a company recommended to me by my brother! Fingers crossed it helps me get my heart rate up well beyond the new year.

And there she is, my Christmas 2020 wishlist all wrapped up into one little piece. I know this year should be the one where we go for the outlandish wants that can take our minds off what’s going on. But, unless there’s a ticket to Cape Town in my stocking, I’m quite happy with my little list so far.

I love knowing what everyone is interested in receiving, so tell me: what’s on your Christmas 2020 wishlist?


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