Loves of the Last Week // Paris Deconfinement Edition – Suz and the Sun

Loves of the Last Week // Paris Deconfinement Edition

It’s happening: Paris deconfinement phase 1 begins tomorrow. It’s been a tough 2 months, and 11 May 2020 is a day that I know a lot of French residents are looking forward to, and will likely never forget.

So, what’s been going on this last week?

I’m so flipping excited about the Paris deconfinement, I slept.

While it may not seem like much of a reaction to some – this is just the third time I’ve slept through the night since I was 16 years old. That’s right, world! I’m so excited – so unbelievably happy – that I slept!

Last night, we had a crazy thunderstorm that turned into an electrical storm that lasted for hours. I ended up just watching the window instead of John Oliver. In my defence, John, I’d already seen the episode and was rewatching for PJ’s sake.

I’ve been prepping for Spring since before knowing I’d be allowed to see friends again on the 11th, and that includes slowly stockpiling bottles of rosé. Our fridge currently holds this very affordable (not to mention absolutely beautiful) Soupçon de fruit Rosé de Loire that we cracked open last night for dinner, this Minuty Prestige 2019, and this stunning bottle of Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses that’s been in our fridge since the first week we moved to Paris. Can’t wait to pop the (glass) cork with friends at a very small, socially distanced gathering on Monday!

This past week I used a few Train Like a Ballerina videos and am super impressed with the difficulty of these workouts! I’d love a ballerina body for summer – or forever…

You might’ve read that we’ve been enjoying coffee together a lot more, but our Nespresso reached it’s final limits yesterday. In an effort to be more sustainable, we got ourselves an espresso machine that uses actual beans and makes cappuccinos. Here’s to reducing our waste and supporting our local coffee shop by buying their beans!

No lie – I’m really excited to shop again. No, I’m not going to buy everything on each of my wishlists. That would be unnecessary and ridiculous. But I really need to replenish my skincare. I ran out of three different products that I was using nightly and my skin has noticed a difference. I’ve begun using up the rest of my products, but I can’t wait to have this, this and especially this (though it’s out of stock everywhere) back in my routine.

And what am I looking forward to most?

Of course, seeing my friends again is a top priority. But I honestly cannot wait to go for a long, leisurely walk and relax on the banks of the seine. We’ve got our masks ready, and I’m an extremely cautious person. So, you can be sure I’ll be following all the guidelines, but being able to relax along the water without fear of a fine is making me so, so happy.

I hope your last week was as good for your mental health as mine was. If you’re struggling – hang in there! There are brighter days ahead. If we’re vigilant and follow the rules set out by experts, hopefully we can all enjoy a return to a relatively normal life.

But if you need it, reach out to those that can help you. Call your friends, family, doctor, counsellor – there is no shame in needing support, especially when none of us knows what the future truly looks like.

Sending love to you all. I’ll be raising my glass to everyone and our Paris deconfinement on Monday evening.