Cactus Print // &OS Gent

 photo AOS cactus print_zpsw7ifm7rf.png
My favourite parts of the weekend in Gent are the combined desire to go shopping and stay in bed. I always feel extra guilty since Hobson always wants to play on a Saturday morning, so getting up isn’t the issue – it’s getting out. But considering it takes all of 10 minutes to bike to the centre of town, I can’t really complain too much.
Town was, as is usual on the one-day-per-weekend when everything is open, packed on a Saturday so we actually steered clear of the big shopping street – considering it was also the last day of the sales period, we knew my favourites would be absolutely swamped.
After making our necessary purchases (damn cold season means we have to stock up on the essentials: tissues, flowers to make the room pretty, a jewelry holder because I liked it…), and a pit-stop at a BAGEL RESTO (omg I was so excited), we were walking to our bus stop to go home when ya know, & Other Stories just caught my eye. There was absolutely no way that I planned it like this…
 photo and other stories cactus print dress_zpssvycca5j.png
And thank God we stopped in because I left with the cutest cactus print dress. Whenever I get those there, I actually always wear them as a light jacket instead since people in the BENELUX area are giants and none of the clothes fit me the way they’re supposed to.
I love love LOVE this print – PJ also got really excited since it reminded him of New Mexico. It’s the first place I ever lived in the US and one of the vacations we took together to visit my family. And for the absolutely ridiculous price of €22.50, this little baby was mine, and PLEASE mother nature, let me have some warmer temperatures so I can cover my body with this asap.
Hope your Sunday is as relaxed as mine is (aside from my farting puppy)!