ASOS shoe sale

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There’s a pretty damn good reason why my friends and family use the nickname Shoezi fairly often when we’re out shopping…lets be honest, these trips often end up in a section that make my feet very happy, but my wallet not so much. 
And while everyone has those post-holiday blues, I’m really, really feeling it this year since Belgium has these two insane shopping-filled sale months per year. For people without day jobs its like heaven. For those of us staring at a screen all day it’s a less than desired situation to be in.
Which is why I turn to ASOS and all these post-2015 sale stunners. New year, new heels #2016goals! At least I can get my fix somehow…
I’ve really gotten into strappy heels lately, but especially those that keep my ankles in place. With a pretty bum right hip it can be really difficult for me to wear heels that don’t have an ankle strap, though I’ve been branching out with some pumps and mules this holiday season (though, tbh I was sitting and eating a lot of that time).
When I can finally decide what pair will soon be on my little footsies, my ankles will be telling me *yes* even when my bank account says nooo. I figure I can shake this off as a work investment – event coordinators need to look professional, right? 😉