Loves of the Last Week // Paris Edition // 04.08.19

Last week was the first time PJ and I were in Paris together since we found out we’ll be moving there! Since I have so much holiday time to use up, we took the opportunity to take a stroll around our new city, check out the neighbourhood haunts and just enjoy each other’s company for 36 hours in the city of lights.

A huge shout-out to the man at the Thalys desk who helped me rebook a train since I arrived at the station two hours in advance. Big cheers for making sure I wasn’t rebooked on a train that was delayed. You the real MVP.

Smiles courtesy of croissants and cappuccinos.

Forget L’as du Fallafel and it’s crazy long lines. Try Miznon instead – it’s literally around the corner, the line is far shorter, and we ate what was easily the best falafel I’ve ever had.

I. Love. The. Soldes. When we were getting a little bit lost in the 4th and 11th, we stumbled upon a Sessùn pop-up shop that was 50% off everything in sight. I love the brand, but can’t justify the prices regularly. Somehow, some python loafers ended up on my feet and I didn’t look back.

Speaking of shoes, I now know what my regular haunt will be when I need something new to brighten my mood and my outfit. Enter Jonak.

A final note about shoes and walking, I am so glad I had on comfy kicks because we somehow walked 20k around 2 neighbourhoods. That’s it. But we did stumble upon the Coulée Vert – basically like the High Line of Paris – and can’t wait to rewalk it later this summer!

When we came home from our tiny getaway, I still had to work on Friday, but luckily my midweek vacay wasn’t tainted. In fact, it was the opposite, as we had a small going away party in my honour. Thank you to my amazing colleague for two great years, and the great Mach Media-made gift certificate to Le Bouledogue, a Frenchie-themed resto in our new neighbourhood. 

Our next visit together will be later this month and I’ll officially be off of work for 2.5 weeks, so I can truly relax. On an even better note, I’ll get to catch up with a few international friends while we’re there. The excitement level is real.



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