Loves of the Last Week // Birthday Edition – Suz and the Sun

Okay, I know this version is a day late, but that’s because I turned 29 this weekend (and consequently had a lot of naps to recover my strength over the last few days…)!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since Thursday – I got promoted on Thursday, PJ got some great news Friday, I went out for my first real St. Patrick’s celebration in Gent at Patrick Foley’s with new friends, and then had the most relaxing actual birthday of my 20s.

A few other highlights along the way…

I made some Swedish chocolate balls for my colleagues on Friday and tried a new recipe with different ingredient measurements, and they were my best yet.

These jeans from Only will be my spring essential. I got them one size larger than my regular (since that’s all they had left), but I really like the shape they create on my frame with a bit more room in them.

I ran out of my Pixi Glow Tonic and thought I’d replace it with The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution and I am extremely pleased with it. I thought my face was clean before but the amount of shit that comes off my face with this is ridiculous.

You gotta wear green on my birthday (though let me be clear – there is not a single cell in my body that is Irish), and this beautiful Vila number did the trick!

On Saturday I popped into Zara and picked up the suede version of one of my favourite skorts and this perfect black spring dress that’s secretly a playsuit! The sleeves – I die.

On Sunday, PJ took me to a great Italian restaurant in Gent called Per Bacco – we had a starter of sparkling red wine with Italian meats and cheese, I had lamb ragout pasta while PJ had a guinea fowl dish (he translated it to fancy chicken – haha!), and we finished it off with an amazing dessert platter. Our favourite was the sheep ricotta gelato – oh. my. God. 10/10 would recommend.

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We then went to see Captain Marvel with the cosy seats, and I was thoroughly entertained.

And my final present to myself: I’ve been looking for the perfect, solid gold signet pinky ring for AGES and I finally found one that won’t overwhelm my little hands. Thank you, Stone and Strand, for this mini pinky ring.

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend so wonderful!







Loves of the Last Week // 03.03.19 – Suz and the Sun

It’s been another crazy week, but luckily out Dry February (or Tournée Minérale as they like to call it here) is over and I was finally able to have a nice glass of wine on Friday night after a great night of bowling and air hockey with my colleagues.
My weekend was basically spent on the couch with Hobson, who accidentally hurt his little leg jumping over the couch on Thursday night. And while it’s been terrible seeing him not as active, the cuddles have been fantastic. The cheese board we had last night didn’t hurt either!
These bras that I got last weekend have been saving me this weekend, and my life is sooooo comfortable. Just as comfy as the bralette I got last weekend, too!
Though I’ve been working with Lightroom for a little bit already, it never hurts to learn some more. I’m enjoying using this guide from Later.
I’m not completely sad that the great weather hasn’t gotten even better, because I love wearing these jeans. With everything. Nothing like a body-hugging pair of denim to make you feel your best.
I love the M&S slingbacks so much that I might just have to get a pretty pink pair, too.
I’m in the market for a new phone case and I like what I’ve found so far!
And now it’s time for more cuddles with my little monster with the hopes that his leg feels way better next week than it did this weekend.