Loves of the Last Week // 24.02.19 – Suz and the Sun

Oh man, this week has been tough. We’re finally in our last week of Dry February and I seriously could have used a glass of wine on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Hell doesn’t even begin to describe it! It’s all good now, I swear.
Also, the Invisalign diet is real, you guys. But my teeth have never been cleaner in my life – that’s how much I have to brush them. I switch to tray 2 of 22 tomorrow and I’m pumped! On my course, I’ll be changing trays each week instead of every two, but this means my teeth have less time to get used to the trays, so I’m also very excited about the soup in my fridge that I’ll be eating on Tuesday.
Calling all bralette lovers! Run, do not walk, to your nearest Monki for this absolutely gorgeous piece of low-priced lingerie. I’ve already picked it up in Cherry Me Pink and can’t wait to get my hands on the black and green versions as well.
I’ve never bought a pair of shoes faster in my life, and I can’t wait until the first day I can wear these pretty pistachio babies.
I love Burt’s Bees products, but they can be a bit hard to find in Belgium. I can order them off of Feel Unique, but I like to pick things up rather than look at them online. I was very happy to discover the Face Care Guide link to see what the best products for my specific needs would be.
I am 100% influence-able and after seeing this on every Instagrammer’s stories, and being a blonde myself, I had to give this blonde shampoo a try. I left it on my head for just over a minute and was extremely happy with the results considering the price of this pretty little purple bottle.
Ghost Town Gold aka THE BEST ‘pickers’ show I’ve ever seen. It’s a great mix of shopping/history/entertainment and these guys are extremely fair and not trying to eff anyone over, which I truly appreciate. and Brit Eaton’s got an energy that’s infectious.
Yotan Ottolenghi’s Simple. I have loved every single recipe that PJ has made from it (especially the chocolate cake. His chocolate skills aren’t why I love him, but it sure helps.).
Here’s hoping next week is way calmer than this one!

A Weekend Away // The Loire Valley – Suz and the Sun

This weekend, we whisked ourselves away on a pup-free (sorry Hobson, thanks Torrie!) weekend in the Loire Valley, bouncing around from château to château with 1 or 5 glasses of wine in-between (not all at once, cmon guys). And, honestly, I gasped out loud at how amazing some of these places are. From the hunting ‘lodge’ that inspired the design in Beauty and the Beast to an over-water wonder built my some of history’s strongest women, come along as I relive last weekend in the best way: memories of fun and food, obviously.


After getting some inspiration online, we started our adventure in Blois, which will never not be fun to say.

Blois France staircase

For me, that’s where the fun mostly ended. I’m sorry, Blois – you’re just not for me. We didn’t get to the Château de Blois in time to view it, and though grand, it wasn’t the reason for our visit to the valley. And while I was super keen to see the mechanical dragon clock across the square, it seems things were shut down for winter and I was left sorely disappointed and stomped my feet as we walked away to embark on a small tour of the town.

Location: About 2:30 south from Paris, between Orléans and Tours

Cost: Between 70 – 100 EUR / night depending on your choice!

Top tip: Walk across the bridge in the early evening for a beautiful view of Blois’ 2 cathedrals and the château.


Loire Valley Stop 1: Château de Chambord

Château de Chambord France Loire Valley travel 2020

Yes, this is the château of the above-mentioned Disney related fame. PJ visited after a work meeting during the summer and had me green with envy when we FaceTimed, so I’ve been pestering him to visit ever since we made plans to be in the area. This place is STUNNING and has such an interesting history. Can you believe that it was created to be a private hunting lodge?!

We spent about two hours inside, visiting the rooms and the incredible centre double-staircase (allegedly built in this way so the king’s mistress could leave as the queen entered, leaving the entering regent none the wiser.

Chambord hunting trophy wall
Château de Chambord roof view
Château de Chambord staircase
Château de Chambord roof

Location: Ideally located in – you guessed it – Chambord!

Cost: 15 EUR entry, but remember that you’ll need to pay for parking if you drive.

Top tip: Visiting any time outside of summer? Bring some layers. The weather outside was not bad, but inside I was freezing my suede-covered butt off.

Loire Valley Stop 2: Château de Chenonceau

Château de Chenonceau side view France Loire Valley travel 2020

After a quick drive through Tours and an impending rainstorm, we quickly decided that the ever-popular Chenonceau was next on our list.

It’s popular for a damn good reason.

Château de Chenonceau garden bridge

Just look at this structure! It was absolutely beautiful, inside and out (bonus points because the fireplaces actually worked so my butt was nice and toasty throughout our visit). The château had a number of famous female inhabitants over the year – Catherine de Medici even ruled France from an office over the water for a time – and they expanded the size and grandeur over the years to make it the fascinating monument it is today.

château de Chenonceau front door
Château de Chenonceau art tour France Loire Valley travel 2020
Château de Chenonceau Medici Gallery France Loire Valley travel 2020
Château de Chenonceau front view

My only regret is that we didn’t get to do a wine tasting, but that’s what Spring is for. Right? Thanks in advance, PJ.

Location: A 20-minute drive from Tours, almost spanning the entire river

Cost: 15 EUR entry and no parking costs!

Top tip: Take the tour, either with the booklet or histopad (included in your ticket price). It’s such an interesting place! Make sure to visit early in the day or at dusk for incredible light bouncing off the Cher river

Loire Valley Stop 3: Orleans

Orléans cathedral France Loire Valley 2020

Why did we not stay here? I love this super quaint city, renowned for its liberation by the one and only Joan of Arc. And she. is. everywhere (for good reason, of course!)

As we were only stopping through, our tour was limited to the cathedral (gorgeous!), food (delish!) and Joan’s statue in one of the main squares (magnificent!), but I will easily go back and visit on a Saturday in Spring.

Orléans Joan of Arc statue
Orléans city center France


Le 12: Super cute wine and beer spot in central Blois. There’s a wine store inside, and all you have to do is tell them what kind of wines you like and they’ll bring you a recommendation to taste test before you order. Would highly recommend the mixed meat and cheese planche to go with your drink of choice.

Oh Terroir: Easily the best meal we had. It’s somewhat unassuming in Orléans, and the concept is that of ‘fast good’ – nice, quick food made from regional products. It was truly amazing – we each had a large lunch, glass of wine and water and dessert for a total of 38 EUR. And we were full. Would easily eat here again.


Once we visit some more of Paris, I ‘ll happily go back and visit some of the other châteaux in the area! We tried to visit Château de Cheverny but didn’t have the time. Our next visit will definitely include Amboise so we can visit Château de Clos Lucé, where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last years of his extraordinary life.

And I’d like to try some more wine. Some nice, dry, delicious Loire Valley wine. Who’s with me?

What would you recommend for our next trip down south?


Loves of the Last Week // 10.2.19 – Suz and the Sun

Another week in the early part of the year, another week of early bedtimes and restless nights. Let’s just say that this week my list of loves is a bit shorter than the last. 

I signed up for the #5SmartReads newsletter by Hitha Palepu thanks to Grace Atwood’s rec. Though I still haven’t had time to read this week’s edition. 

I discovered Laura Bradshaw on Instagram while watching the Instastories from In The Frow. Her photos are beautiful and extremely refreshing. 

And I discovered another 5’2 girl thanks to In The Frow – the beautiful mariajblogs. Short girl style inspo, here I come. 

I have no idea where I saw these, but I immediately ordered these Chanel-esque leather slingbacks from M&S. I can’t wait til they come in and the weather allows me to strap them on. 

When everything else is going to shit, I always have my picture perfect pup

If you can’t tell, I’m extremely excited for spring. Especially for the days where I can wear shirts like this

We’re planning a move and I’m already thinking about where to place this ASOS Supply rug.

Here’s hoping for a calm week!