Suz & the Travel Jewelry

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I’ve only been upgraded to first class twice in my life. The first time, my family was moving to the US from South Africa. The second was my initial trip to Belgium to see my now-boyfriend’s country for the first time.
That first upgrade was a bit of sympathy on the airlines part. The second I believe was fate. But it may have helped that I really dressed up for that trip, knowing that I would be seeing PJ at the airport without a shower or a brush in almost a day. 
I read an article really recently that airlines are more likely to give seat upgrades to people that are priority, polite and dress well. I’m always a jeans and shirt kind of girl on planes, but this last trip I took, when flying to Belgium for the final time, I stepped it up a notch with a few of my favourite jewels to give that “Why yes, I am an adult woman” vibe to my outfit. 
suz and the sun travel jewels, citizen watch, bracelet watch, gold watch, vintage citizen watch
I had a little too much fun taking this picture on the train…so much so that the guy next to me was laughing. No shame!
suz and the sun travel jewels, vintage ring, mango bracelet, citizen watch
Skip Maisel Turquoise earrings // Wanderlust + Co Tri-Arrow gold Necklace // Mango Crystal Slim Necklace //  Citizen watch (vintage) // Mango Bracelet // Vintage Ring // OPI Privacy Please polish
I know there’s sometimes a hassle when wearing jewelry to travel in; it gets caught in your hair, you have to take it off at security, the usual annoyances. But the only thing I had to remove was my watch, and it all made me feel quite fancy while I spritzed Guerlain Flora Rosa perfume on my wrists and slathered the Crème de la Mer samples all over my now unemployed-but-job-hunting face. 
I’m always so interested in what people wear to the airport (and I will always laugh at people wearing hiking boots when there will be no hiking or camping involved, sorry). What do you prefer to wear? Leggings and a hoodie or do you go all out, business woman style?
Let a girl know! 
Now, applications. But first: coffee and snuggles with my little nuggety puppy!