Suz & the Crochet Dress // POTD: Product of the Day

Crochet is a huge hit this summer. And let’s be honest, when are white maxi’s not a good idea? I love an affordable piece to wear, and Forever 21’s Crochet Maxi Dress is spot on.

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I can’t get over how beautiful the back of this dress is, and the skirt looks like it has so much movement to it; the perfect dress for beach bonfires or cava by the water.
I know a lot of people have their doubts about the quality of fast-fashion stores, but I have to say, many of my favourite dresses and shirts come from Forever, HM and Mango. And they last because I take care of them, as you should with all of your clothes. 
Now that I’m a real adult with an actual place to store my clothes, especially my new maxis, I think I’m going to have to add this to my summer circulation!
Enjoy the Monday! My massive cup of coffee and I are.