Mood Music Monday: Små grodorna för Midsommar!

Two years ago I went to my first official Midsummer celebration just outside of Stockholm, overlooking a beautiful lake. My entire Scandi-family was there (including PJ), alongside my dad’s high school friends and their families. We sang, we danced, we ate, we drank; all to our hearts content.
My favourite of the Midsummer songs, besides hearing my uncle’s renditions of all of the Snaps songs, was Små Grodorna, or little frogs.
This year on Midsummer, I’ll be running my first ever 10k right as the sun goes down, so this week’s selection was inspired by my need to be pumped up.
So, in honour of Midsummer’s eve, which just so happens to fall on my papa’s birthday, a hip hop rendition of the little frogs, and the memory of my papa hopping about like he was one!
Let me know your own favourite Midsummer song!