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Can somebody please explain to me how it’s time for my Zara September wishlist? Not that I’m complaining – Zara does autumn right. But, as ridiculous as this sounds, I truly cannot seem to figure out where the time between May and September has gone – I’ve done a lot, yet somehow the end of summer just isn’t a concept that my brain can currently interpret. C’est la vie in 2020, right? Let’s get on with all the items I’m currently dreaming of.

Zara September Wishlist

Autumn comes at you fast in Europe, though in Paris it’s not quite as sudden an onset as it feels in Gent (thank God). For me, it seems as though WFH will be my way of life for the foreseeable future, and TBH I’m not all that mad about it.

That being said, my Parisian autumn wardrobe will be focusing on casual, everyday life picks rather than rentrée ready pieces.

TRF crop flare mid-rise jeans

Alright, so I know that people have a love-hate relationship with Zara jeans, but these looked so cute that I knew that I wanted to try them ASAP. I tried this pair of high-waisted cigarette jeans from ASOS (love their low-rise skinny jeans as a short-torsoed gal), but the fit was a bit too high, so here’s hoping that this mid-rise version gives me the look I want!

Merino wool cardigan

My friends tell me I’m a certified cardigan lady now, and I don’t hate it. For their September new in, Zara is gifting us some more of their beautiful merino wool cardigans. I typically wear these as a top by themselves (with a v cute lil bralette underneath), and I’m super excited to add them to my closet again this autumn.

Square neckline t-shirt

2020 was a ridiculous year, but one great thing I learned is that I love square neck tops. I love them and am not afraid to say it. And I can already guarantee that this will be a regular in my autumn lineup.

Limited edition top (part of a co-ord)

Another new neckline and body-defining top that had me hooked from the moment I saw it. This is part of a co-ord set, but my bod just isn’t made for the type of skirt it pairs with, but I’m already prepping to pair it with those jeans 😏

Contrast scarf

Can we ever have enough scarves? The answer is no. And having a dark, neutral but colourful scarf is making me extremely excited for fall.

Limited edition water-repellent trench

Can you really live in Paris if you don’t have a trench coat? I’ve been looking for a trench that doesn’t break the bank, and as we get into the latter part of the year, a rain-repellent beauty like this could be exactly what I need.

Have you added anything to your September wishlist from Zara or any other retailer? Let me know!



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