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Pick of the day // The Suzie Pendant

The Suzie Pendant by Vivienne Westwood in gold-tone brass

After seeing the YouTube trend going around of influencers buying a full outfit with clothing options named after them, I thought it would be fun to do a little research myself for our first pick of the day. Conclusion: Suzi is not a sexy name according to the fashion world (and one of the reasons I go by Suz). HOWEVER, some “Suzis” did show up, and I am very pleased that a variation of Vivienne Westwood’s Orb necklace – the Suzie Pendant – exists!

The Suzie Pendant is beautiful, a long chain with the orb charm hanging below, and it honestly just makes me so happy. I spotted an Orb pearl choker while shopping on Rue Rivoli last week and the excitement I had to recognize it out in the wild

Alright, so I’d be remiss to say that I wasn’t disappointed that this is spelled Suzie instead of just Suzi, but I’m still extremely happy that some designer jewellery shares my name! Whether I’ll be picking this up now, or saving it for a Suzi occasion is to be seen.

xox, Suz signoff


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