My new love // Zara patchwork print blouse

Oh heLLO beautiful! I mean, I’m talking initially about the blouse but that model is a beaut too. I won’t lie, I had an “Is this cute or ugly?” moment when I first saw this. I mean, the blue to… View Post

The Grumpy Girl’s Guide to Gentse Feesten 2018

AKA Gentse Feesten Friday 2018   I’m not going to lie – I was a horrible grump this past Friday. I worked all day, got an email I didn’t like and became tired before we even left the house. And… View Post

POTD // Striped Swimsuit

I went into town way too early for a haircut yesterday, and after a Starbucks pick-me-up in order to make it to opening times, I popped into Zara to take advantage of the zero people inside the store. I’ve had my… View Post

Spring Closet Update // Forever 21 Mini Haul

It’s almost the end of Feb, so obviously I’m dreaming of sunshine and warmer temperatures. BUT I live in Belgium, so my blue-sky hopes are usually dashed on the daily. A girl can dream though, right? I mean, I am… View Post

Bordeaux Photo Diary // December 2017

Did you ever go somewhere and fall in love at first sight? That’s how I feel about Bordeaux. We initially only stopped in the city so that we could rest for an evening in – what we’d heard was –… View Post