Rooftops of Marrakesh // Morocco Part 2

Now that I’ve had some time to decompress and get back into the regular swing of things, I can very easily say that my favourite parts of Marrakesh were the rooftop views from each area of the city. Jemaa El-Fna… View Post

Impressions of Marrakesh // Morocco Part 1

To celebrate 6 years together, PJ and I travelled to a place we’d never been before – Marrakesh! It came about in a pretty funny away: we were searching for a good November location and each thought that the other… View Post

A weekend in Boulogne-sur-Mer

This weekend we had such a nice time exploring Boulogne-sur-Mer. I’m not entirely sure what inspired our trip there, but we got talking and immediately decided it was the perfect Autumn weekend destination because 1) the sea and 2) the… View Post

A morning in Oostende

This weekend, PJ and I decided to do a little bit of exploring in one of his favourite cities by the coast: Oostende. The city has had different mural artists come in over the last couple of years to give… View Post

My new love // Zara patchwork print blouse

Oh heLLO beautiful! I mean, I’m talking initially about the blouse but that model is a beaut too. I won’t lie, I had an “Is this cute or ugly?” moment when I first saw this. I mean, the blue to… View Post