Black Lives Matter // Links & Resources – Suz and the Sun

Black Lives Matter // Links & Resources

Black Lives Matter #BlackLivesMatter

Let’s say it again! Black lives matter. Let’s shout it so that everyone hears.

I know you’ve probably seen most of these links, but if this post reaches just one more person who hasn’t, it’s worth it. Please, do what you can. is the movement’s official site. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter for updated info directly from the organisation.

This Anti-Racism resource list compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein

Anti-Racism for Beginners – another great list of resources including a question/definition section

This list of links for petitions to sign, orgs that need donations, volunteer opportunities, and a whole host of other information, including mental health resources. has similar information but also includes safety and legal information for protesters, translations into multiple languages for allies around the world, and information on #JusticeForRegis (Canada) and #AboriginalLivesMatter (Australia).

Suffice it to say, my education and action was lacking, and I am changing this. Thank you to all of those who have put together these resources already, but don’t forget to keep learning, acting, reaching out, supporting and doing whatever you can on your own, as well.

And we need to remember – forever – not just today, this week, this month, or this year – that Black lives matter.




Paris in December // My Ultimate List – Suz and the Sun

Paris in December // My Ultimate List

Paris December Ultimate Wishlist 2019

Ah, Paris in December – could there be anything better than getting bundled up and enjoying a glass of vin chaud with friends? I mean, I could do without the cold and wind, but this truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and I can’t wait to have a few days off to enjoy everything that Paris has to offer.

So, what’s on my list?

First things first – skating everywhere

Last year was the first time I saw anything about Le Grand Palais des Glaces, and I’ve been waiting impatiently since then to lace up my skates and take to the ice in the most beautiful rink I’ve ever seen (online, I’ll leave final judgement to my eyes this month!).

I’m also dying to check out the rinks at La Tour Eiffel and on top of Galeries Lafayette. My favourite activity at all the beautiful spots in this city? Sold.

Christmas lights and frantic shopping

I’ve yet to see all the lights in person yet, but I can’t wait to stroll down the Champs Elysées with all the other shoppers. I actually hate crowds, but there’s something about the fact that its holiday shopping – I hope done with love – that makes it all seem worth it.

I’ve already been enjoying the windows at BHV, and there are some cute little stalls available outside – Pierre Marcolini before a bout of shopping? Oui, s’il vous plait!

And I’ll definitely be stopping by Galeries Lafayette to see the Christmas tree, I can’t resist! Paris in December – especially window shopping – is so ridiculously beautiful.

Christmas Markets – Le Marché de Noël Nordique

Since I can’t be in Sweden with my family in Sweden for Christmas, this market seems like it’s the next best thing. I’ll be able to grab some of my favourite Swedish snacks and have a bit of glogg while we’re there! The only thing to make it better would be some snow.

Try as many restos on our list as possible

Since we don’t have any family coming into town, we are truly responsible for our own fun, and there’s not much we love more than finding a good place to eat. Our restaurant list is now 60-long at this point, so we may as well get cracking while we have some time off. All that skating will be necessary after these restaurant visits.

Walk and play!

I’ve had so much fun experimenting with my cameras again, and I already know that I’ll be on the receiving end of an amazing gift from my parents – their original film camera that took all of our family photos growing up. I’m excited to walk around and start creating our own family album that we can look back on in a few years. 

What’s on your Paris Christmas list?



New on the Wishlist // April 2020 – Suz and the Sun

New on the Wishlist // April 2020

New on the Wishlist // April 2020

Ah, quarantine, what a time to be alive – and to browse the April New In sections of all my favs. Even if I’m not really shopping at the moment – and I still have my March wishlist to go through- browsing is a fantastic distraction from cleaning companies having to tweet to their customers that they shouldn’t ingest bleach or inject isopropyl alcohol.

Let’s be honest, my list is actually WAY longer than this so I specifically left ASOS off this list of retailers or we’d be here til lockdown was over. To not make this any longer – let’s get into it.

April New In Wishlist


Let’s start things off with one of my fav Swedish retailers, a great store for basics and the most transparent fashion brand, according to Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index report.

Knitted Jumper with Embroidery

April New In 2020 H&M Embroidered Jumper

After seeing the khaki version of this sweater with the all-over embroidery (on the right) on Jess from Copper Garden, I immediately added it to my list. Imagine my delight on finding the cream version with the arm embroidery – an exact replica of a blue sweater from H&M bought years ago and promptly wore to death. How much did I love it? So much that I wore it for my passport pictures. So you can be sure I’ll be wearing these on rotation during every cool summer night in the park.

Linen-Blend Dress

April New In 2020 H&M Linen-Blend Dress

After seeing this in Josie from Fashion Mumblr’s H&M picks, I knew I had to try it. While Josie’s style is a bit more feminine than mine, we can both agree that this dress is the perfect summer pick.


And now we head over to Spain for 2 top high street options, starting with Mango. I like to think of Mango as the more corporate cool sister to Zara’s edgy side. Though I haven’t been as impressed with Mango over the last year, their spring new in will have me ready for terrace Saturdays – as soon as we can safely enjoy them again.

Satin Top

April New In 2020 Mango Satin Top

I’m pretty sure every fashion blogger/vlogger/Instagrammer has made some sort of mention of this cami because, duh, look at it. It’s practically perfect in every way! Forgiving neckline, neutral shade, and an easily tuckable option for any type of bottoms. Extra points for being part of Mango’s Committed line.

Puff Sleeves Blouse

April New In 2020 Mango Puff Sleeves Blouse

One of my favourite blouses in my closet is in this style, but the thick fabric is not the most forgiving in the summer heat. I’m hoping this flowy number can be my picnic in the park option. Also a Committed option, made of 60% recycled polyester. Here’s another puff sleeve option I’m currently into.

Cropped Cotton Trousers

April New In 2020 Mango Cotton Crop Trousers

I mean, I think it should go without saying why these are on my list – a perfect pair of non-denim black pants should be a staple in everyone’s closet and mine 5-year-old, ill-fitting pair didn’t make the move from Gent to Paris. Also, currently on sale for 19,99 €.

& Other Stories

I personally find shopping on & Other Stories’ website kind of difficult – I much prefer to go into the store and check out their offerings first hand.

Satin Mini Skirt

April New In 2020 & Other Stories Satin Mini Skirt Sage

But seeing this perfect satin mini on Freddy in her Spring Stories video made me want to snatch it up immediately. Come 11 May*, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

*Small disclaimer – I’m not ordering at the moment because I don’t feel right ordering non-essential items. I don’t have a problem with anyone else doing it, it’s just a personal choice.


On to the finale with Zara – is it really a wishlist post if a few items from my weekly new in perusal don’t show up? Their S/S 2020 campaign is out of this world gorgeous – if you don’t know what I mean, head over to Zara site now and check out the campaign page or their new in. You won’t be disappointed.

Limited Edition Lace-Trimmed Top

April New In 2020 Zara limited edition lace-tripped top

Stunning. Lovely. Obsessed. What I can picture myself wearing in my little Parisian apartment as I get ready every morning.

Cardigan with Jewel Buttons

April New In 2020 Zara cardigan with button jewels

In the last few months, I have really become a cardigan lady. I’ve always enjoyed them, but the cardigan love is now fully real. I’m loving the pink and slightly metallic thread running through this one. Not super sure on the buttons, but easily replaceable if I don’t like them!

Printed Top

April New In 2020 Zara printed top

And, for the finale, the brightest, most beautiful spring top. I love everything about this. The neckline, the side-zip, and the print, my goodness. Sometimes you just want to be loud without speaking, and this is just the top for that. Brunch, here I come.

Some final items I’ve been looking into are jeans, like these H&M skinnies, these Mango push-ups, and these Mango cropped skinnies. I only have 3 pairs of skinnies in my closet, each in a different wash and all have a slightly different fit. Plus, I can never have enough denim.

And that’s that, ladies and gents! Have I missed anything else perfect from any other April New In sections? Let me know!




Loves of the Last Week // Lockdown Week 5 – Suz and the Sun

Loves of the Last Week // Lockdown Week 5

loves of the last week lockdown week 5

This edition of Loves of the Last Week comes to you from the brain of someone who’s currently on week 5 of quarantine in Paris – and we’ve still got just over 3 weeks left to go!

This time hasn’t been easy for anyone – though I’m particularly envious of people that have a garden/terrace/sunlight streaming into their places situation going on – so I’m trying to take extra care of our little family here. Though it’s tough to be contained within 45m as 2 adults and 1 little dog, we’ve been attempting to make the most of it, and these new loves of mine have been helping.

Somewhere, Lately’s Quarantine Confessions have been giving me life! It’s nice to hear that everyone else is going through the same kinds of thoughts as I am…

Popped into our grocery store and bought this Bioderma Atoderm shower oil and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. Such a lifesaver for dry skin!

Another blogger recommendation from the gorgeous Parisinfourmonths – she showed this Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask with Lemon during her quarantine and I immediately screenshotted. I’ve only tested as an in-shower short masque, but can’t wait to test it as a deep-cleansing mask, too!

I know we’ve all made our way through most/all of our Netflix lists/entire catalogue available in our countries, but I’ve been really into nature documentaries again. Currently thoroughly enjoying Night on Earth and already planning our trip to Tanzania.

Juice! We’ve been supporting our local fruit stand and making as much juice as possible. My favourite recipe (for 1):
– 2 big juicy oranges
– 2 red oranges
– 1-2 carrots, depending on size
– a bit of ginger
Wash, skin, and throw in the juicer for a big kick of vitamin C!

What have you been loving the last week? And please don’t say enjoying your terrace or garden or I will envy you until this lockdown is over.



Wildflowers & Windmills at Kinderdijk – Suz and the Sun

Wildflowers & Windmills at Kinderdijk

Did you ever come upon something so remarkable and unexpected that it actually took your breath away?

Suz and the Sun travel, Kinderdijk windmills, Kinderdijk UNESCO, Spring style, Suz and the Sun style
I’m not often rendered speechless, but that’s exactly what happened to me on our trip to Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring windmills from the 1740s.
After a successful, sunny day of eating, walking, shopping and general happiness in Rotterdam, PJ took me to one final place that I haven’t scratched off of my personal map. Being a bit of a windmill buff himself (I say buff, I mean expert), he was quite proud to show off his knowledge of the area’s existence.
Suz and the Sun travel, Kinderdijk windmills, Kinderdijk UNESCO, Spring style, Suz and the Sun style, Zara playsuit 2019, Dutch windmills, Dutch wildflowers
Dress /Playsuit // Zara
Bag // Mango (old, similar)
Sunglasses // Madewell
Boots // Steve Madden
Arriving precisely at golden hour made the experience even more magical, and gave us the opportunity to amble down the middle walkway and along the water at our own leisure, with 19 windmills at the edge of either side of the water. We had the added luxury of arriving late enough to skip an entry fee and the mass of tourists that make their way through the mills in the middle of the day.
Suz and the Sun travel, Kinderdijk windmills, Kinderdijk UNESCO, Dutch windmills, Dutch wildflowers
With the blooming wildflowers and the sun hitting the mills and the water just right, it was a magical sight that I didn’t realize I’d been waiting to see for my entire time in this region of Europe.

I can highly recommend taking the time to drive/ride/cycle/walk out to seeing this extra-Dutch area if you’re around. It’s a stereotypical idea of what the Netherlands looks like, but it’s a real view of the countryside that you’ll never forget.

Here’s hoping for more beautiful adventures this spring!