Loves of the Last Week // 3.2.19 – Suz and the Sun

Loves of the Last Week // 3.2.19

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This week has been long. It’s honestly hard to believe that we only got back from celebrating PJ’s graduation in London on Tuesday because it feels like it’s been a lifetime since then.

So. I’ve been thinking, and there are way too many things in my brain to be able to recount them to you, my friends, my colleagues, my boyfriend – even Hobson! Thus, I’ve decided to start up a new series (inspired by Grace Atwood’s weekend reading) on the things I’ve loved this week. I hope you enjoy. A small disclaimer – I know my tastes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea/coffee/wine/whatever, but I like what I like and, as someone who blogs, I love to share.

I picked up this tinted mascara primer on Monday and was so presently surprised that I enjoyed wearing it by itself.

I just finished (like 5 minutes ago) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it was easily my favourite series finale episode ever. I know some people don’t like it, but it’s such a nice, lighthearted series that lets me take my mind off of other things.

Speaking of other things, I also finished You this week and consider me terrified of everyone now. Wow. Kudos to Penn Badgley for playing that crazy part so well (and not defending his character’s actions on Twitter).

I started playing floorball again! After my first foray back into it on Saturday in London, I mustered up the courage to meet a shit ton of new people and play with a bunch of guys who are way better than me. My legs were dead, but I felt like I did fairly well for my first time in a while. I did get one major high-sticking call, but they were pretty impressed with my control of the ball in the air, soooo I’ll not too upset about it.

I took up the Kondo method without watching her Netflix show once, though I did read this BF article. I hate watching people clean – it makes me feel extremely guilty since I just don’t have that need for my place to be spotless in me. I didn’t get the gene – sorry Mom. But it did make me feel better so I definitely understand why people use it.

I started listening to My Favorite Murder religiously and I feel like Georgia and Karen are my best older friends that will keep me young forever. Fun fact – they talk about my aunt in an episode! Another fun fact – they’re not very kind to her (she wasn’t a murderer, I promise) so I won’t be divulging the episode number here.

Started following a couple new Instagrammers recently: ZoeLaz and Haylsa for some inspiring imagery and beautiful editing. Love it.

And finally, today I read this incredible Vanity Fair feature on the life and unfortunate death of war correspondent Marie Colvin, the subject of A Private War, the new film starring Rosamund Pike. After reading, I’d love to see it.

What have you been loving this week? Leave me a comment (especially if it includes links or recs to new articles/podcasts/shows/movies)!




Loves of the Last Week // 17.2.19 – Suz and the Sun

Loves of the Last Week // 17.2.19

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Oh man – what a week! Valentine’s day dinner was delish, I got some great news on Friday (see my last love), I officially joined my floorball team, and spring is finally here (though while I love the warmth, it’s unnerving that it was 60 degrees in the middle of February)! That, and it’s officially one month until I turn 29. Last week had its ups and downs, but I’m glad that everything happened. 

I am obsessed with bury a friend by Billie Eilish. It’s like Lourde and Regina Spektor combined into an amazing sound. 

Laneige everything! I tried a sample box of their overnight line and am obsessed. Wow. It’s been about a week and I’ll be repurchasing full sizes as soon as my samples are done. 

A tiny bit of stretching each night has given me a bit less morning misery when I wake up after my weeks of much harder exercise. 

The pigeons are back in the tree outside our place. I don’t particularly like them, but they truly are the first sign of spring for us here in Gent. 

Those colour-block leather slingback that I mentioned last week? They’re perfect. 

I scored a few goals in one of my innebandy/floorball scrimmages last week, and I feel like I’m already improving!

THIS piece of magic. I LOVE this hot air set from BaByliss. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover the wonder that is light, fluffy, slightly styled hair. 

It’s been an expensive month, but I’m highly considering this perfect spring sweater.

And now for the big one…I’ve been going to speech therapy for about a month to fix the way I speak and use my tongue. It’s been described as ‘infantile’, but we can already tell there’s a huge difference!

Alongside that, for my insurance to cover my speech therapy I also have to fix a bite issue. So, tomorrow evening I’m getting fitted for my Invisalign trays! My dentist emailed me on Friday to let me know they were ready. She has been amazing and I’m so happy to have her treating me. I only have 22 sets and will be changing weekly, so fingers crossed it goes by fast and painlessly. Perfect teeth and speech, here I come!

Hopefully next week I’ll be saying that clearly and not lisping with a mouth full of plastic ????




The Last Two Months in Paris // Life Update – Suz and the Sun

The Last Two Months in Paris // Life Update

the last two months in Paris

Life comes at you fast, right? And the last two months in Paris have felt like they’ve FLOWN by. The last real update on what’s been happened in Paris was back in May, so here’s what we’ve been up to:

The last two months in Paris

Terraces were open since the beginning of June, with restos/bars/etc being open for half capacity a few weeks later. Stomach = happy. Wallet = not.

Parks and gardens opened for groups and we spent hours enjoying the sun at the Tuileries.

We did day trips to Chantilly (just the gardens) and Versailles (the full tour – masks on and socially distanced. And our visit to Chigny-les-Roses lasted a full weekend – so we could do some champagne tastings, of course!

To get ourselves out of Paris for more than a day, Peej found a manor house in Normandy to use as a base as we worked during the day and explored the beaches in the evening. Many pictures were taken, but I was especially fond of this wall:

More holiday? We booked a little stay in Belgium to stay at a friend’s house while they’re on holiday in Italy. Some sun, relaxation, and a pool are exactly what I could use right now.

Discovered the Fit On app, which provides programmes and individual classes from top-rated fitness instructors. I’m already feeling the burn and it’s only been a week! It’s seriously the only fitness app I think I’ll use from now on.

We experienced Bastille Day from the start of the Tuileries with such a fun group of people, watching the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower.

Celebrated T’s 28th right on the Champ de Mars and were treated to the most wonderful summer night!

sparkler in front of the Eiffel Tower

I signed up for a new French course! Each day in August, I’ll be chatting for an hour with our professor and a few other ladies as I try to take my intermediate vocab and extremely shy speaking to the next level.

And my final July accomplishment – I successfully took part in the HEC Paris Summer School course in Luxury Management and learned a lot. Would highly recommend it for students looking to learn more or for any young professionals interested in learning more about the luxury sector. Is an MBA in my future? This course has me slightly convinced…

So, what have you gotten up to over the last two months? Any Parisians that have some secret new spots they’ve discovered?



Loves of the Last Week // Paris Deconfinement Edition – Suz and the Sun

Loves of the Last Week // Paris Deconfinement Edition

It’s happening: Paris deconfinement phase 1 begins tomorrow. It’s been a tough 2 months, and 11 May 2020 is a day that I know a lot of French residents are looking forward to, and will likely never forget.

So, what’s been going on this last week?

I’m so flipping excited about the Paris deconfinement, I slept.

While it may not seem like much of a reaction to some – this is just the third time I’ve slept through the night since I was 16 years old. That’s right, world! I’m so excited – so unbelievably happy – that I slept!

Last night, we had a crazy thunderstorm that turned into an electrical storm that lasted for hours. I ended up just watching the window instead of John Oliver. In my defence, John, I’d already seen the episode and was rewatching for PJ’s sake.

I’ve been prepping for Spring since before knowing I’d be allowed to see friends again on the 11th, and that includes slowly stockpiling bottles of rosé. Our fridge currently holds this very affordable (not to mention absolutely beautiful) Soupçon de fruit Rosé de Loire that we cracked open last night for dinner, this Minuty Prestige 2019, and this stunning bottle of Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses that’s been in our fridge since the first week we moved to Paris. Can’t wait to pop the (glass) cork with friends at a very small, socially distanced gathering on Monday!

This past week I used a few Train Like a Ballerina videos and am super impressed with the difficulty of these workouts! I’d love a ballerina body for summer – or forever…

You might’ve read that we’ve been enjoying coffee together a lot more, but our Nespresso reached it’s final limits yesterday. In an effort to be more sustainable, we got ourselves an espresso machine that uses actual beans and makes cappuccinos. Here’s to reducing our waste and supporting our local coffee shop by buying their beans!

No lie – I’m really excited to shop again. No, I’m not going to buy everything on each of my wishlists. That would be unnecessary and ridiculous. But I really need to replenish my skincare. I ran out of three different products that I was using nightly and my skin has noticed a difference. I’ve begun using up the rest of my products, but I can’t wait to have this, this and especially this (though it’s out of stock everywhere) back in my routine.

And what am I looking forward to most?

Of course, seeing my friends again is a top priority. But I honestly cannot wait to go for a long, leisurely walk and relax on the banks of the seine. We’ve got our masks ready, and I’m an extremely cautious person. So, you can be sure I’ll be following all the guidelines, but being able to relax along the water without fear of a fine is making me so, so happy.

I hope your last week was as good for your mental health as mine was. If you’re struggling – hang in there! There are brighter days ahead. If we’re vigilant and follow the rules set out by experts, hopefully we can all enjoy a return to a relatively normal life.

But if you need it, reach out to those that can help you. Call your friends, family, doctor, counsellor – there is no shame in needing support, especially when none of us knows what the future truly looks like.

Sending love to you all. I’ll be raising my glass to everyone and our Paris deconfinement on Monday evening.



Versailles During the Pandemic // Our Visit – Suz and the Sun

Versailles During the Pandemic // Our Visit

In June, after the French government allowed travel throughout the country – and even opened the borders – PJ and I decided that we both felt safe enough to brave the crowds and visit Versailles during the pandemic.

Since our holidays this year will focus on France (with the exception of going to see family in Belgium), it’s day and weekend trips around the country that are going to get us through the summer! We’ve already done a number of small trips, but they’ve been predominantly outdoors, like walking through gardens, taking drives, or enjoying some salty air on the beaches in Normandy.

Versailles during a pandemic was a bit of a different story.

sun king paint symbol

Getting There

Though we have a car, we don’t love to use it for short trips when public transport is so easy to use. That said, this is France, so of course, something went wrong.

There’s always a lot of work happening on the transport lines here, but the surprise was real as we showed up at the Invalides metro stop – to then take the RER to Versailles – only to be told that no trains were leaving from the station that day.

Because tickets to Versailles right now are based on a specific timetable, we were under a bit of time pressure to arrive perfectly on time (and PJ is always late). So, we scrambled to get on a metro to Montparnasse where we caught an A train to the main station in Versailles. 60 sweaty minutes later, we arrived, still more than early for our timed visit – or so we thought. Though we were technically 30 minutes early, we ended up waiting in line for about 1:15, entering the Palace close to 15 minutes after our entry time.

gate of Versailles with sun king symbol

The Experience

After donning our masks, slathering ourselves with hand sanitizer and stepping into Louis XIV’s world, the only thing left to do was walk and learn in awe. Each room has audioguide numbers that allowed you to listen about the palace’s history a little more intimately. It was slightly frustrating, as we went on a popular day, at a popular time, and they only let people inside in phases, so the minimal hall space became even less. We did manage to shake this feeling by finding the lease populous part of each room (very likely the spot with the worst views) and listened from there.

3 statues as decor
decorated hallway
chandelier in gold room
Hall of Mirrors at Versailles
musical gardens and fountain show at the palace of Versailles

After some nourishment at Angelina’s (by that I, of course, mean coffee and sweet pastries), we made our way outside to the absolutely beautiful gardens of Versailles. To be completely honest, if this isn’t your first visit to the palace and are just keen to see it again, skip the inner tour and head straight to the back for the fountain and musical gardens show.

We ended up walking a lot, taking in the different shows at different parts of the gardens, but we finally watched what we had really come there for – some fantastic water art. 10/10 would recommend on a sunny afternoon!

Just make sure you’re in the best spot for the show (in my humble opinion).

Travel Tips

  • Check the weather and go prepared! I didn’t bring a jacket and ended up soaked in a random rainstorm.
  • Take your mask and WEAR IT. In France, you now must wear a mask in all indoor public spaces.
  • Bring water and snacks in your bag, you never know how long you may be waiting in line to get in.
  • Go on a weekday if you can!
  • If not, try and go around 3 pm – especially if you’re more interested in seeing the musical gardens show which started at 3.30 pm.
  • Hungry? Have a sweet snack at Angelina! We chose to sit down for our snack, but you can also grab them to go.
  • Be sure to download the Versailles app for an easy-to-use audioguide!

Are you planning to visit Versailles during the pandemic, or have you already been? What was your experience like?


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