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Loves of the Last Week // Masks in Paris Edition

loves of the last week masked edition,  masks in Paris

It’s been a few days since Parisians walked out of their doors, sans attestation, for the first time in two months. But in place of our government-mandated permission slips, most of us are instead donning masks in Paris.

Yep – most. There are still a fair few in the French capital who apparently don’t believe in covering up their freshly made-up faces or social distancing. C’est la vie. But not my vie – I’m wearing my mask, socially distancing and only going inside places that are absolutely necessary.

My loves of the last masked week?

Skincare. I made an absolutely necessary trip to my local Sephora (it’s big, with lots of space, limited shopper numbers and plenty of protection for shoppers and workers alike). And, I finally picked up my beloved Alpha H Liquid Gold and Sunday Riley Good Genes, and my skin honestly feels better overnight; I’m so happy. May have also picked up some cult Bum Bum cream, a new liquid glitter than rivals my fav Stila versions, and this to die for salt scrub/shampoo combo.

Monoprix – or as I like to call it, the French Target. You can find anything there – food, shampoo, even sushi. But my fav thing to do is browse the makeup section, and was happy to find this amazing new eyeliner – my friend even complimented my on my wing on Friday night!
Unfortunately, Monoprix’s site isn’t the best for online shopping.

Finally got to try out this Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and the cult reviews are so deserving.

Eataly was clutch in having all the buratta I could possibly want in life for our Italian-themed aperitif this weekend. We finished the evening with a long walk to the Louvre and were happily the lone people around the pyramids. Perfect time to get my header shot!

& Other Stories has made my bodysuit of dreams. Wore it all day, can confirm it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve put on in months.

We got confirmation that our government provided coverings will be available for pickup on 30 May, so it looks like we’ll be wearing masks in Paris for quite some time. But, on the bright side, at least they’re providing them!

Today, for the first time in months, I spent hours sitting on the Quais of the Seine with T and PJ, and it was glorious. Thank goodness for Maison Maison‘s quai-side pop-up for providing some beverages for our sun-soaked Sunday.

How was your week? Looking forward to an extra-short one with Thursday and Friday off!




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