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Loves of the Last Week // Lockdown Week 5

loves of the last week lockdown week 5

This edition of Loves of the Last Week comes to you from the brain of someone who’s currently on week 5 of quarantine in Paris – and we’ve still got just over 3 weeks left to go!

This time hasn’t been easy for anyone – though I’m particularly envious of people that have a garden/terrace/sunlight streaming into their places situation going on – so I’m trying to take extra care of our little family here. Though it’s tough to be contained within 45m as 2 adults and 1 little dog, we’ve been attempting to make the most of it, and these new loves of mine have been helping.

Somewhere, Lately’s Quarantine Confessions have been giving me life! It’s nice to hear that everyone else is going through the same kinds of thoughts as I am…

Popped into our grocery store and bought this Bioderma Atoderm shower oil and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. Such a lifesaver for dry skin!

Another blogger recommendation from the gorgeous Parisinfourmonths – she showed this Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask with Lemon during her quarantine and I immediately screenshotted. I’ve only tested as an in-shower short masque, but can’t wait to test it as a deep-cleansing mask, too!

I know we’ve all made our way through most/all of our Netflix lists/entire catalogue available in our countries, but I’ve been really into nature documentaries again. Currently thoroughly enjoying Night on Earth and already planning our trip to Tanzania.

Juice! We’ve been supporting our local fruit stand and making as much juice as possible. My favourite recipe (for 1):
– 2 big juicy oranges
– 2 red oranges
– 1-2 carrots, depending on size
– a bit of ginger
Wash, skin, and throw in the juicer for a big kick of vitamin C!

What have you been loving the last week? And please don’t say enjoying your terrace or garden or I will envy you until this lockdown is over.




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