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Loves of the Last Week // 3.2.19

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This week has been long. It’s honestly hard to believe that we only got back from celebrating PJ’s graduation in London on Tuesday because it feels like it’s been a lifetime since then.

So. I’ve been thinking, and there are way too many things in my brain to be able to recount them to you, my friends, my colleagues, my boyfriend – even Hobson! Thus, I’ve decided to start up a new series (inspired by Grace Atwood’s weekend reading) on the things I’ve loved this week. I hope you enjoy. A small disclaimer – I know my tastes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea/coffee/wine/whatever, but I like what I like and, as someone who blogs, I love to share.

I picked up this tinted mascara primer on Monday and was so presently surprised that I enjoyed wearing it by itself.

I just finished (like 5 minutes ago) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it was easily my favourite series finale episode ever. I know some people don’t like it, but it’s such a nice, lighthearted series that lets me take my mind off of other things.

Speaking of other things, I also finished You this week and consider me terrified of everyone now. Wow. Kudos to Penn Badgley for playing that crazy part so well (and not defending his character’s actions on Twitter).

I started playing floorball again! After my first foray back into it on Saturday in London, I mustered up the courage to meet a shit ton of new people and play with a bunch of guys who are way better than me. My legs were dead, but I felt like I did fairly well for my first time in a while. I did get one major high-sticking call, but they were pretty impressed with my control of the ball in the air, soooo I’ll not too upset about it.

I took up the Kondo method without watching her Netflix show once, though I did read this BF article. I hate watching people clean – it makes me feel extremely guilty since I just don’t have that need for my place to be spotless in me. I didn’t get the gene – sorry Mom. But it did make me feel better so I definitely understand why people use it.

I started listening to My Favorite Murder religiously and I feel like Georgia and Karen are my best older friends that will keep me young forever. Fun fact – they talk about my aunt in an episode! Another fun fact – they’re not very kind to her (she wasn’t a murderer, I promise) so I won’t be divulging the episode number here.

Started following a couple new Instagrammers recently: ZoeLaz and Haylsa for some inspiring imagery and beautiful editing. Love it.

And finally, today I read this incredible Vanity Fair feature on the life and unfortunate death of war correspondent Marie Colvin, the subject of A Private War, the new film starring Rosamund Pike. After reading, I’d love to see it.

What have you been loving this week? Leave me a comment (especially if it includes links or recs to new articles/podcasts/shows/movies)!





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