Loves of the Last Week // 24.02.19 – Suz and the Sun

Oh man, this week has been tough. We’re finally in our last week of Dry February and I seriously could have used a glass of wine on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Hell doesn’t even begin to describe it! It’s all good now, I swear.
Also, the Invisalign diet is real, you guys. But my teeth have never been cleaner in my life – that’s how much I have to brush them. I switch to tray 2 of 22 tomorrow and I’m pumped! On my course, I’ll be changing trays each week instead of every two, but this means my teeth have less time to get used to the trays, so I’m also very excited about the soup in my fridge that I’ll be eating on Tuesday.
Calling all bralette lovers! Run, do not walk, to your nearest Monki for this absolutely gorgeous piece of low-priced lingerie. I’ve already picked it up in Cherry Me Pink and can’t wait to get my hands on the black and green versions as well.
I’ve never bought a pair of shoes faster in my life, and I can’t wait until the first day I can wear these pretty pistachio babies.
I love Burt’s Bees products, but they can be a bit hard to find in Belgium. I can order them off of Feel Unique, but I like to pick things up rather than look at them online. I was very happy to discover the Face Care Guide link to see what the best products for my specific needs would be.
I am 100% influence-able and after seeing this on every Instagrammer’s stories, and being a blonde myself, I had to give this blonde shampoo a try. I left it on my head for just over a minute and was extremely happy with the results considering the price of this pretty little purple bottle.
Ghost Town Gold aka THE BEST ‘pickers’ show I’ve ever seen. It’s a great mix of shopping/history/entertainment and these guys are extremely fair and not trying to eff anyone over, which I truly appreciate. and Brit Eaton’s got an energy that’s infectious.
Yotan Ottolenghi’s Simple. I have loved every single recipe that PJ has made from it (especially the chocolate cake. His chocolate skills aren’t why I love him, but it sure helps.).
Here’s hoping next week is way calmer than this one!

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