Holidays in Sweden – Malmö, Gothenburg and Falsterbo – Suz and the Sun

Holidays in Sweden – Malmö, Gothenburg and Falsterbo

Gothenburg. Sweden city hall
I’m finally uploading the pictures from our Christmas & New Years up north. I finally got my hands on my dad’s Canon (which I subsequently took possession of, Merry Christmas to me), so we spent quite some time messing around with it over the 10 days we were there. 

It’s always nice to go home for the holidays. Seeing as my ‘home’ doesn’t really exist anymore, PJ and I spent the holidays at my parent’s new place in the south of Sweden (along with our cat and dog – that was a long 12 hour road trip).

We arrived on the night of the 22nd and were out shopping the next day! I can’t say that Belgian shopping is better than Swedish. I just can’t. Plus my parents live right off of Gustav Adolf Torget, which just so happens to have all of the shops I love nearby, with the addition of Samsoe & Samsoe down the street…

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with my grandpa in Falsterbo by the beach, where we also spent New Year’s day (check the pics later) after a hilarious NYE with some friends at their house and then sparklers and singing outside of Malmö Opera. 

Christmas in Gothenburg

In between then, Peej took me on a little road trip up to Gothenburg! I went 2 years ago with my Canadian ladies (which was one of the weirdest experiences of my life), but this time we spent all the time in the world doing what we wanted to do as old people. This included me being wayyyy too excited about seeing a Sephora, attempting to visit a viking ship that was actually a deceptively named hotel, having the snarkiest bartender at ÖlRepubliken, having beer spilled all over PJ while watching a hockey game, and playing boules/bocce in the basement of BouleBar across from the Feskekôrka (fish church).

Statue of Poseidon on Avenyn, GothenburgBoulebar Gothenburg

Gothenburg recommendations:
Boulebar, for no other reason than being so much fun
Wasabi Wok & Sushi (We’d already had so much Swedish food and that edamame with curry paste and sea salt – my mouth is watering while I think about it)

The Edblad store to shop fun jewels – even PJ bought something

Walking by city hall on a sunny day

Check the awesome statues, especially Poseidon on Götaplatsen up Avenyn. 

The NK department store, especially fun during sales

Da Matteo (on Magasinsgatan) for coffee and pizza (not at the same time – unless you’re into that, no judgement)

Every single design store you can possibly walk into 

Slottskogen to see the outdoor zoo and ALL of the kids playing. Especially funny in winter when they’re all wrapped up like marshmallows

If you have time, the Natural History Museum is like taking a trip back in time, and they have the world’s only stuffed whale? G-borg, you weird. 

Haga Nygata, and specifically Café Husaren for huge kanelbullar and hot coffee on a cold day, or take your kaffe to go and walk the sunlit street!

 photo IMG_2531_zpskpxuz7rx.jpg
Feskekôrka, Gothenburg

The hills of Slottsskogen, Gothenburg
Sunset over Slottsskogen
The view outside of the natural history museum, Slottskogen, Gothenburg
Haga Nygatan
Walking down Haga Nygatan in Gothenburg
A statue in Gothenburg

Basically, just walking around was such a joy. We spent a lot of time outside, and next time we’ll go back during the summer and do some canoeing on the archipelago with some friends!

The rest of our trip was pretty low key, considering I had to work one day and we had a pretty exciting NYE. Though Peej finally got to his first hockey game, and the Malmö Redhawks won 6-0 from Orebro. Redhawks fans for life, now. 

I’m already looking forward to going back to see my family (and all my aunts, uncles, cousins, other relatives that will fly in) for Midsummer, and to FINALLY see my friends from my corridor in Lund. We missed each other this time and it was tragic. 

A final picture of my boys on the beach, close to where we’ll be singing and dancing this summer:

French Bulldog on the beach in Falsterbo, Sweden

If you have any other recommendations for places to see/things to do in southern Sweden for next time I go, because I definitely have not seen it all, let me know!




Suz & the Celebrations – Suz and the Sun

Suz & the Celebrations

Suz & the sun paisley dress, Suz & the sun style, Suz & the sun leather brogues
Yesterday I was informed of my thesis grade, and I have to say, I’m really happy about it. My stressful months and sleepless nights paid off! We had even more to celebrate with PJ and his mom, and we had an incredible meal (duck filled with goat cheese and honey? Yum.) with an even nicer dessert. It was a great way to close out walking around one of the most beautiful but depressing towns I’ve ever been to where PJ and his mama had a meeting. 
Suz & the sun food, Louis Clesse dessert platter
Suz & the sun dog, Suz & Mr. Hobson, french bulldog puppy,
When we finally got home, I had a wonderful time running around in the backyard with my little sun dog. All in all, it was a pretty perfect day. I was with my big love and my little loves, had a delightful meal and had the most relaxing sleep (don’t tell my mama I woke up at noon).
Paisley Dress (similar here, similar maxi here) // BP Leather brogues (similar here) // Silver Bangle 
Luckily, the good times keep happening, and my little sun dog is using his big eyes to beg for a belly rub. So I’m off!



Post Lockdown Wishlist // March 2020 – Suz and the Sun

Post Lockdown Wishlist // March 2020

post paris lockdown wishlist march 2020

We’re officially on day 12 of lockdown in Paris due to Covid-19 and I currently look like this:

I know it’s a little ridiculous to be creating a post lockdown wishlist when so many are going through so much, but looking at products brings me joy and gets me through the day, and I’m just trying to live my life with a little bit of light in it these days, especially since our lockdown has now been extended to 15 April 🙃

Now that I’m done with that announcement, let’s get into all the pretty things I have my eye on for the warmer months ahead (are these bright blue Paris skies taunting anyone else? Today is GORGEOUS).

My Post Lockdown Wishlist

Sézane Edith Blouse

Sézane Edith blous printemps 2020

I have wanted a Sézane piece since before living in Paris was even an actual event that could happen in our lives. Not to sound cliché and like every other person on the internet, but their pieces are the definition of dreamy Parisian chic and I can’t wait to put on this blouse and be the expat/Parisienne blend I’m meant to be.

This lockdown wishlist would include literally every other top in their Spring collection but I know we don’t all have time for that. But if you like their style, please go peruse and order – they are currently doing home delivery and 10% of their global sales will be donated to an emergency fund to support French hospitals!

Rixo Nicole Dress

Rixo Nicole Dress Azure blue

Did I mention I would like the aforementioned picnic to include me wearing this absolutely PERFECT Rixo dress? Because that’s the fantasy world I’m currently living in.

BB Dakota Smoke & Mirrors Blouse

BB Dakota Smoke & Mirros blouse, The Outnet

Alternative picnic outfit includes this stunner of a top, some extra comfy blue jeans and sandals that show off whatever fresh manicure makes its way to my toes. And at basically 50% off? What a steal.

Zara Tweed Jacket

Zara tweed jacket spring 2020

Since we’re talking Spring, is there anything more appropriate for transitioning into this time of year than this colour? Can you tell I’m on a blue kick? And me, tweed? I never thought that dream would become a reality, but I’ve finally found the piece that will likely kick-off a new obsession.

Mango Trench Coat

Mango double breasted trench coat spring 2020

I’m not gonna lie to you – I noticed this bad boy during my quarantine dog walks with Bob. I wasn’t that into it when I saw in on the hanger but that mannequin in the window is absolutely rockin’ it. Time to pull a French girl and get my trench on.

And onto the shoes. 

Yes, I have a full section for shoes.

Zara suede pull-on cowboy boots

Zara suede pull-on cowboy boots

These are already sold out in my size online and to say I’m devastated is definitely an overstatement but I’d still say it. 

Rebecca Minkoff Chamille studded leather slippers

Rebecca Minkoff Chamille studded leather slippers, The Outnet

I am a massive Rebecca Minkoff fan but am in the unfortunate position of never having owned one of her pieces. Spotting these on The Outnet for 70% is giving me lots of hope that that’s about to change. 

Rebecca Minkoff Amalthea Too studded snake-effect leather mules

Rebecca Minkoff Amalthea Too studded snake-effect leather mules, The Outnet

And another RM find that makes me more than excited for Spring. I’m obsessed. 

Zara Heeled Chelsea Boots

Zara Heeled Chelsea Boots

Another little secret…I already own these boots. And I am so in love with them that I’m already ordering a second pair (at a ridiculously low price) so that I never have to be without them. Trust me on this one. They need to be in your boot collection. 

Honestly, once this lockdown is lifted, shopping will probably be the last thing on my list. I’m going to make it my mission to go and support all of my favourite Paris places before actually making some online orders, but it’s still fun to dream.

What’s on your post-lockdown wishlist? Inspire me even more!




Paris in December // My Ultimate List – Suz and the Sun

Paris in December // My Ultimate List

Paris December Ultimate Wishlist 2019

Ah, Paris in December – could there be anything better than getting bundled up and enjoying a glass of vin chaud with friends? I mean, I could do without the cold and wind, but this truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and I can’t wait to have a few days off to enjoy everything that Paris has to offer.

So, what’s on my list?

First things first – skating everywhere

Last year was the first time I saw anything about Le Grand Palais des Glaces, and I’ve been waiting impatiently since then to lace up my skates and take to the ice in the most beautiful rink I’ve ever seen (online, I’ll leave final judgement to my eyes this month!).

I’m also dying to check out the rinks at La Tour Eiffel and on top of Galeries Lafayette. My favourite activity at all the beautiful spots in this city? Sold.

Christmas lights and frantic shopping

I’ve yet to see all the lights in person yet, but I can’t wait to stroll down the Champs Elysées with all the other shoppers. I actually hate crowds, but there’s something about the fact that its holiday shopping – I hope done with love – that makes it all seem worth it.

I’ve already been enjoying the windows at BHV, and there are some cute little stalls available outside – Pierre Marcolini before a bout of shopping? Oui, s’il vous plait!

And I’ll definitely be stopping by Galeries Lafayette to see the Christmas tree, I can’t resist! Paris in December – especially window shopping – is so ridiculously beautiful.

Christmas Markets – Le Marché de Noël Nordique

Since I can’t be in Sweden with my family in Sweden for Christmas, this market seems like it’s the next best thing. I’ll be able to grab some of my favourite Swedish snacks and have a bit of glogg while we’re there! The only thing to make it better would be some snow.

Try as many restos on our list as possible

Since we don’t have any family coming into town, we are truly responsible for our own fun, and there’s not much we love more than finding a good place to eat. Our restaurant list is now 60-long at this point, so we may as well get cracking while we have some time off. All that skating will be necessary after these restaurant visits.

Walk and play!

I’ve had so much fun experimenting with my cameras again, and I already know that I’ll be on the receiving end of an amazing gift from my parents – their original film camera that took all of our family photos growing up. I’m excited to walk around and start creating our own family album that we can look back on in a few years. 

What’s on your Paris Christmas list?



The Grumpy Girl’s Guide to Gentse Feesten 2018 – Suz and the Sun

The Grumpy Girl’s Guide to Gentse Feesten 2018

AKA Gentse Feesten Friday 2018
gentsefeesten, gentsefeesten 2018, gent, visit gent, gent belgium, belgium, travel, fair, festival, city fest, suz and the sun travel,
I’m not going to lie – I was a horrible grump this past Friday. I worked all day, got an email I didn’t like and became tired before we even left the house. And I always have this expectation about me being happy all the damn time. But, despite my contradicting mood I soldiered on (and got a mini-lecture from PJ on not letting shit affect me the way that it sometimes can, but such is my life as an over-thinker & dreamer with a real knack for cynicism).
Keen to make the most of the evening without letting my mood destroy it, we did what we do best (and what we’re currently doing now): found the best spot in the area, had a drink and watched the world go by, which is far funnier when the world in front of you is full of 110,000 drunk people. 
PSA – if you don’t know about the Gentse Feesten, it’s a 10-day arts & culture festival taking place at venues all over the city. In the evening, it becomes a city-wide party, with concerts, DJs and rivers of Belgian beer flowing from every tap the city can handle. 

1st stop:

Superette RTT (for some reason this link doesn’t work on mobile?! Get it together Facebook.)
Location: Oude Beestenmaarkt
We’ve been here pretty often when it’s open. This little pop-up makes the best pizza in town, has a great forest-vibe setup, and sits next to water across from a few bars. Perfect people-watching material. Can highly recommend the cava over the wines here.



2nd stop:

Gent city centre

Location: Sint Jacobs Kerk
A quick walk through town to the stage at Sint Jacobs is where I took the featured photo (which was also posted to the official @visitgent page), but also this one. An accurate representation of a normal, non-grumpy night:
gentsefeesten, gentsefeesten 2018, gent, visit gent, gent belgium, belgium, travel, fair, festival, city fest, suz and the sun travel,

We stopped to watch 2 minutes of a concert before my mind said a big old NOPE to the number of people around us that were way more intoxicated than I’ve ever consciously considered being. I’m 100% sure the girl selling jenever made an absolute killing on Friday. 


3rd and final stop on the grumpy tour:

Location: Smack in the middle of the City Pavilion and Korenmarkt, across from Sint Niklaas Kerk
Because we hadn’t properly celebrated PJ’s (most likely) passing of his exams, we went for the 3-glass tasting menu: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Titus was right to pen an entire song about it, even if I’m talking about grapes and his ode is to something slightly more risqué. Pinot Noir – you’re a star. 
gentsefeesten, gentsefeesten 2018, gent, visit gent, gent belgium, belgium, travel, fair, festival, city fest, suz and the sun travel, champagnekelder, champagne,

Just to reiterate these words of warning – there will be drunk people everywhere. A group of young kids, so stoned one poor guy could barely keep his eyes open, barreled their way onto the above-pictured terrace, ordered 6 cokes and ‘sneakily’ added red wine to their glasses when the waiters ‘weren’t looking’. No one was openly bothered, but I’d rather have shithead kids take their antics to a venue more prepared for their needs (and I mean that in the nicest way, I’m constantly a shithead).


Top tips for the grumpy girl:

  1. Take a jacket. Euro summers are great, but this is Belgium. There’s a 99% chance you’ll be cold at night
  2. Don’t wear white or shoes you like. You’ll probably have beers thrown on you. Whether accidental or on purpose is dependent on the situation. Again, Belgium. 
  3. Figure out how you’re getting home ahead of time. I’ll never condone drunken cycling (esp. since you get a hefty fine), and taxis/buses/trams can be hard to come by. If you’re close enough – walk. It’ll help you sober up if you choose to imbibe. 
  4. Don’t be grumpy. Take a shot of tequila if you can to get out of your funk. Would have served me (but not my head) well on Friday night. 
Hope you have a good Gentsefeesten this year, and that you’re in a far better mood to enjoy.