Loves of the Last Week // Paris Deconfinement Edition – Suz and the Sun

Loves of the Last Week // Paris Deconfinement Edition

It’s happening: Paris deconfinement phase 1 begins tomorrow. It’s been a tough 2 months, and 11 May 2020 is a day that I know a lot of French residents are looking forward to, and will likely never forget.

So, what’s been going on this last week?

I’m so flipping excited about the Paris deconfinement, I slept.

While it may not seem like much of a reaction to some – this is just the third time I’ve slept through the night since I was 16 years old. That’s right, world! I’m so excited – so unbelievably happy – that I slept!

Last night, we had a crazy thunderstorm that turned into an electrical storm that lasted for hours. I ended up just watching the window instead of John Oliver. In my defence, John, I’d already seen the episode and was rewatching for PJ’s sake.

I’ve been prepping for Spring since before knowing I’d be allowed to see friends again on the 11th, and that includes slowly stockpiling bottles of rosé. Our fridge currently holds this very affordable (not to mention absolutely beautiful) Soupçon de fruit Rosé de Loire that we cracked open last night for dinner, this Minuty Prestige 2019, and this stunning bottle of Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses that’s been in our fridge since the first week we moved to Paris. Can’t wait to pop the (glass) cork with friends at a very small, socially distanced gathering on Monday!

This past week I used a few Train Like a Ballerina videos and am super impressed with the difficulty of these workouts! I’d love a ballerina body for summer – or forever…

You might’ve read that we’ve been enjoying coffee together a lot more, but our Nespresso reached it’s final limits yesterday. In an effort to be more sustainable, we got ourselves an espresso machine that uses actual beans and makes cappuccinos. Here’s to reducing our waste and supporting our local coffee shop by buying their beans!

No lie – I’m really excited to shop again. No, I’m not going to buy everything on each of my wishlists. That would be unnecessary and ridiculous. But I really need to replenish my skincare. I ran out of three different products that I was using nightly and my skin has noticed a difference. I’ve begun using up the rest of my products, but I can’t wait to have this, this and especially this (though it’s out of stock everywhere) back in my routine.

And what am I looking forward to most?

Of course, seeing my friends again is a top priority. But I honestly cannot wait to go for a long, leisurely walk and relax on the banks of the seine. We’ve got our masks ready, and I’m an extremely cautious person. So, you can be sure I’ll be following all the guidelines, but being able to relax along the water without fear of a fine is making me so, so happy.

I hope your last week was as good for your mental health as mine was. If you’re struggling – hang in there! There are brighter days ahead. If we’re vigilant and follow the rules set out by experts, hopefully we can all enjoy a return to a relatively normal life.

But if you need it, reach out to those that can help you. Call your friends, family, doctor, counsellor – there is no shame in needing support, especially when none of us knows what the future truly looks like.

Sending love to you all. I’ll be raising my glass to everyone and our Paris deconfinement on Monday evening.



A Weekend Away // The Loire Valley – Suz and the Sun

A Weekend Away // The Loire Valley

A weekend in the Loire Valley

This weekend, we whisked ourselves away on a pup-free (sorry Hobson, thanks Torrie!) weekend in the Loire Valley, bouncing around from château to château with 1 or 5 glasses of wine in-between (not all at once, cmon guys). And, honestly, I gasped out loud at how amazing some of these places are. From the hunting ‘lodge’ that inspired the design in Beauty and the Beast to an over-water wonder built my some of history’s strongest women, come along as I relive last weekend in the best way: memories of fun and food, obviously.


After getting some inspiration online, we started our adventure in Blois, which will never not be fun to say. 

Blois France staircase

For me, that’s where the fun mostly ended. I’m sorry, Blois – you’re just not for me. We didn’t get to the Château de Blois in time to view it, and though grand, it wasn’t the reason for our visit to the valley. And while I was super keen to see the mechanical dragon clock across the square, it seems things were shut down for winter and I was left sorely disappointed and stomped my feet as we walked away to embark on a small tour of the town. 

Location: About 2:30 south from Paris, between Orléans and Tours

Cost: Between 70 – 100 EUR / night depending on your choice!

Top tip: Walk across the bridge in the early evening for a beautiful view of Blois’ 2 cathedrals and the château.


Loire Valley Stop 1: Château de Chambord

Château de Chambord France Loire Valley travel 2020

Yes, this is the château of the above-mentioned Disney related fame. PJ visited after a work meeting during the summer and had me green with envy when we FaceTimed, so I’ve been pestering him to visit ever since we made plans to be in the area. This place is STUNNING and has such an interesting history. Can you believe that it was created to be a private hunting lodge?!

We spent about two hours inside, visiting the rooms and the incredible centre double-staircase (allegedly built in this way so the king’s mistress could leave as the queen entered, leaving the entering regent none the wiser. 

Chambord hunting trophy wall
Château de Chambord roof view
Château de Chambord staircase
Château de Chambord roof

Location: Ideally located in – you guessed it – Chambord!

Cost: 15 EUR entry, but remember that you’ll need to pay for parking if you drive. 

Top tip: Visiting any time outside of summer? Bring some layers. The weather outside was not bad, but inside I was freezing my suede-covered butt off. 

Loire Valley Stop 2: Château de Chenonceau

Château de Chenonceau side view France Loire Valley travel 2020

After a quick drive through Tours and an impending rainstorm, we quickly decided that the ever-popular Chenonceau was next on our list.

It’s popular for a damn good reason. 

Château de Chenonceau garden bridge

Just look at this structure! It was absolutely beautiful, inside and out (bonus points because the fireplaces actually worked so my butt was nice and toasty throughout our visit). The château had a number of famous female inhabitants over the year – Catherine de Medici even ruled France from an office over the water for a time – and they expanded the size and grandeur over the years to make it the fascinating monument it is today. 

château de Chenonceau front door
Château de Chenonceau art tour France Loire Valley travel 2020
Château de Chenonceau Medici Gallery France Loire Valley travel 2020
Château de Chenonceau front view

My only regret is that we didn’t get to do a wine tasting, but that’s what Spring is for. Right? Thanks in advance, PJ.

Location: A 20-minute drive from Tours, almost spanning the entire river

Cost: 15 EUR entry and no parking costs!

Top tip: Take the tour, either with the booklet or histopad (included in your ticket price). It’s such an interesting place! Make sure to visit early in the day or at dusk for incredible light bouncing off the Cher river

Loire Valley Stop 3: Orleans

Orléans cathedral France Loire Valley 2020

Why did we not stay here? I love this super quaint city, renowned for its liberation by the one and only Joan of Arc. And she. is. everywhere (for good reason, of course!)

As we were only stopping through, our tour was limited to the cathedral (gorgeous!), food (delish!) and Joan’s statue in one of the main squares (magnificent!), but I will easily go back and visit on a Saturday in Spring. 

Orléans Joan of Arc statue
Orléans city center France


Le 12: Super cute wine and beer spot in central Blois. There’s a wine store inside, and all you have to do is tell them what kind of wines you like and they’ll bring you a recommendation to taste test before you order. Would highly recommend the mixed meat and cheese planche to go with your drink of choice. 

Oh Terroir: Easily the best meal we had. It’s somewhat unassuming in Orléans, and the concept is that of ‘fast good’ – nice, quick food made from regional products. It was truly amazing – we each had a large lunch, glass of wine and water and dessert for a total of 38 EUR. And we were full. Would easily eat here again. 


Once we visit some more of Paris, I ‘ll happily go back and visit some of the other châteaux in the area! We tried to visit Château de Cheverny but didn’t have the time. Our next visit will definitely include Amboise so we can visit Château de Clos Lucé, where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last years of his extraordinary life. 

And I’d like to try some more wine. Some nice, dry, delicious Loire Valley wine. Who’s with me?

What would you recommend for our next trip down south? 



Suz and the Spring Wishlist – Suz and the Sun

Suz and the Spring Wishlist

Spring is officially here in Sweden. The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining down on us. And my closet and makeup bag are in desperate need of a few goodies…
Spring wishlist collage, Ahlens, Essie, L'Oreal blurring cream, Forever21, Toms, Gina Tricot
I am completely obsessed with everything: this adorable babydoll dress from Forever21 that I saw on the F21finds instagram, this white jacket from Gina Tricot, and those sandals. Ugh, those sandals! 
And I finally got to sample the L’Oréal blur cream…flawless. That blurring effect is incredible, and my skin felt so silky afterwards. I felt so good, in fact, that it was officially time to frolic in the flowers. 
Flowers in Sweden
I hope your Friday is as great as mine. Enjoy these long days!



Rooftops of Marrakesh // Morocco Part 2 – Suz and the Sun

Rooftops of Marrakesh // Morocco Part 2

Suz and the Sun, Suz and the Sun travel, Marrakesh 2018, Marrakesh travel, Suz and the Sun style, Cafe de France, Cafe de France sunset, Jemaa El-Fnaa square, Jemaa El-Fnaa Square sunset
Now that I’ve had some time to decompress and get back into the regular swing of things, I can very easily say that my favourite parts of Marrakesh were the rooftop views from each area of the city. Jemaa El-Fna square from Café de France and Café L’Ancien, the view of/from our riad (and a bonus tour picture from Bahia Palance of yours truly and PJ); all were greatly enjoyed with a seat in the sun and some sort of drink in hand – usually mint tea or a cappuccino. Our riad also served alcohol, so we treated ourselves to a bottle of Sahara Reserve. 
I can also highly recommend the view of the spice souk from Nomad – just make sure you book in advance!
Suz and the Sun, Suz and the Sun travel, Marrakesh 2018, Marrakesh travel, Suz and the Sun style, Cafe de France, Cafe de France sunset, Jemaa El-Fnaa square, Jemaa El-Fnaa Square sunset

Suz and the Sun, Suz and the Sun travel, Marrakesh 2018, Marrakesh travel, Suz and the Sun style, Cafe de France, Cafe de France sunset, Jemaa El-Fnaa square, Jemaa El-Fnaa Square sunset
Top // Missguided
Cardigan (not pictures) // Zara
Sunglasses // Madewell and H&M
Necklaces // Vintage and bought at markets
Bracelet // Bought in Valencia

Suz and the Sun, Suz and the Sun travel, Marrakesh 2018, Marrakesh travel, Suz and the Sun style, Jemaa El-Fnaa square, Jemaa El-Fnaa Square sunset

Suz and the Sun, Suz and the Sun travel, Marrakesh 2018, Marrakesh travel, Suz and the Sun style, Cafe l'Ancien, Jemaa El-Fna

Suz and the Sun, Suz and the Sun travel, Marrakesh 2018, Marrakesh travel, Suz and the Sun style, Cafe l'Ancien

Suz and the Sun, Suz and the Sun travel, Marrakesh 2018, Marrakesh travel, Suz and the Sun style, Riad Pachavana

Suz and the Sun, Suz and the Sun travel, Marrakesh 2018, Marrakesh travel, Suz and the Sun style, Bahia Palace
T-shirt // H&M (similar)
Jacket // Mango (similar)
Jeans: Hollister (similar)
Sunglasses // Madewell
Sneakers // Fred Perry
Necklaces // Vintage and bought at markets
Bracelet // Bought in Valencia
Suz and the Sun, Suz and the Sun travel, Marrakesh 2018, Marrakesh travel, Suz and the Sun style, Riad Pachavana, Atlas Mountains



Zara September Wishlist // New In Edit – Suz and the Sun

Zara September Wishlist // New In Edit

Zara new in Autumn 2020 September Wishlist
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Can somebody please explain to me how it’s time for my Zara September wishlist? Not that I’m complaining – Zara does autumn right. But, as ridiculous as this sounds, I truly cannot seem to figure out where the time between May and September has gone – I’ve done a lot, yet somehow the end of summer just isn’t a concept that my brain can currently interpret. C’est la vie in 2020, right? Let’s get on with all the items I’m currently dreaming of.

Zara September Wishlist

Autumn comes at you fast in Europe, though in Paris it’s not quite as sudden an onset as it feels in Gent (thank God). For me, it seems as though WFH will be my way of life for the foreseeable future, and TBH I’m not all that mad about it.

That being said, my Parisian autumn wardrobe will be focusing on casual, everyday life picks rather than rentrée ready pieces.

TRF crop flare mid-rise jeans

Zara TRF crop flare mid-rise jeans

Alright, so I know that people have a love-hate relationship with Zara jeans, but these looked so cute that I knew that I wanted to try them ASAP. I tried this pair of high-waisted cigarette jeans from ASOS (love their low-rise skinny jeans as a short-torsoed gal), but the fit was a bit too high, so here’s hoping that this mid-rise version gives me the look I want!

Merino wool cardigan

Zara merino wool cardigan

My friends tell me I’m a certified cardigan lady now, and I don’t hate it. For their September new in, Zara is gifting us some more of their beautiful merino wool cardigans. I typically wear these as a top by themselves (with a v cute lil bralette underneath), and I’m super excited to add them to my closet again this autumn.

Square neckline t-shirt

Zara square neckline t-shirt

2020 was a ridiculous year, but one great thing I learned is that I love square neck tops. I love them and am not afraid to say it. And I can already guarantee that this will be a regular in my autumn lineup.

Limited edition top (part of a co-ord)

Zara limited edition top September 2020

Another new neckline and body-defining top that had me hooked from the moment I saw it. This is part of a co-ord set, but my bod just isn’t made for the type of skirt it pairs with, but I’m already prepping to pair it with those jeans 😏

Contrast scarf

Zara contrast scarf

Can we ever have enough scarves? The answer is no. And having a dark, neutral but colourful scarf is making me extremely excited for fall.

Limited edition water-repellent trench

Zara trench coat September 2020

Can you really live in Paris if you don’t have a trench coat? I’ve been looking for a trench that doesn’t break the bank, and as we get into the latter part of the year, a rain-repellent beauty like this could be exactly what I need.

Have you added anything to your September wishlist from Zara or any other retailer? Let me know!