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5 Lazy Girl Ways To Cheer Up Instantly

Sometimes, all you want to do is stay in bed. Girl, I get it. I understand this more than most people I’ve encountered. I have a terrible time sleeping, and it’s been an ongoing struggle since I was 17. Somedays, I wake up exhausted in the absolute worst mood. Especially when the weather here has bigger mood swings than a 14 year old.

 Luckily, I’ve figured out some foolproof ways to make myself feel better so that no one ever sees me when I’m down and out.

I know that these won’t work for everyone. But they make me happy, and usually when I send pictures of whatever I’m doing to my friends and they see how happy it makes me, I get a huge thumbs up. Ready? Let’s do this.
1. Cute animal videos.
I know. This is on everyone’s list of ways to make themselves feel better. But I have two videos labaled “For Bad Days, Watch This” and they are absolutely guaranteed to make me smile. One i of my own kitten with the cutest meow I’ve ever heard. And then that little guy above? Could you just cry of cuteness?
2. Bake
I only got into baking within the last year. And to be honest,  I mostly started baking because my boyfriend is so good at it and I wanted to be almost on his level so that we could be the baking power couple that people always invite to garden parties for their fresh goodies (I’m totally fine with that being the reason for having us).
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I’m not entirely sure where this recipe came from but it’s so easy.
1. Set your oven to 175 C
2. Combine 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar (brown or white), and 1 egg
3. Mix together, roll into balls and put on a tray with baking paper
4. Let bake for 12-15 minutes or until the consistency you like!
5. Enjoy your sweet, sweet cookies while the compliments roll in ????
This week when we baked them, we also added some Nutella and rolled oats for an even more amazing cookie!

There’s so much inspiration out there. I prefer either making scones or peanut butter cookies, but blogs like Chocolate Covered Katie and Joy the Baker will give you endless recipes. And for something healthier? Minimalist Baker is my new fav. Sweet potato wedges will be on my plate tonight.
3. Sun Salutations

 So I’m not much of a yogi, but after my first yoga class I told my BFF about it and she was so surprised that I didn’t do sun salutations every morning when I got out of bed.
She’s totally right.
Every time I need to slow down or just breathe and be, I go through the motions three or four times. Stretching up and feeling my body respond to such a simple, but amazing, act is so refreshing and reminds me to be in the now and not take my youth for granted.
It’s a little too deep and thoughtful for me straight in the morning though. It usually happens after four cups of coffee and possibly after lunch (TBH this week I’ve been waking up at 11)…early afternoon stretching is my favourite.

4. Take a walk and chat with someone you love

take a walk

I’m really lucky. For one, the area I live in has tulips blooming EVERYwhere and there’s a little wooded area really close by. Secondly, almost all of the important people in my life have Facetime, so all I need is a bit of data to be able to talk to them whenever I want.
What would I do without technology? Well…nothing, apparently.

There’s something so wonderful about calling someone so far away and being immediately close again. I usually call mom when I’m in the grocery store (am I the only one that gets overwhelmed in there?) and we talk about the most random stuff. She can make me laugh like no other, especially when I need some lifting up. It’s nice to get your mind off of what’s stressing you and there are only a handful of people that can really do that.

5. Treat yo self. 
Maybe online shopping isn’t a good idea for this one. Scratch that, online shopping is the best idea.


But what I’m talking about is some treats you can whip up on your own kitchen or whatever you have in your own bathroom. I mean a coconut oil & honey hair mask or an avocado facial. Or even just shaving your legs listening to your favourite songs. Anything that makes you feel like a more beautiful version of yourself is A-OK in my books.

I’m a huge fan of sitting in my robe and painting my toenails while watching my favourite bad TV shows. In fact, I think I’ll go do that right now.

TGIF, am I right? Enjoy it!




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