Weekend Report // Gent & Brussels

Zebra Beach, Zebrabeach, Zebrastraat, Gent, Ghent, Belgium
I had a BLAST this weekend. I was constantly happy and reminded of how lucky I am to live where i live and know who I know. On Friday night we went to the Zebra Beach with a few friends to spend some time near some water, where we decided that we’d all take part in Gent’s Big Raft Day, where we’ll slide down the river in our raft of choice. PJ wants a crocodile, I want a shark (due to the only funny joke I know). 
The great thing about Zebra Beach is that it’s a bit outside of the city, so it’s not as crowded as the Graslei area by the river on nice days, and you can enjoy refreshments of your choice from the bar. Hoegaarden’s lemon-lime Radler truly hit the spot sitting next to the water. 
Grand Place Brussels, Grote Markt, Brussels Travel, Suz & the Sun travel
Even though PJ and I spent most of Saturday apart from each other, it was still an amazing day. I got to meet up with my friend Joel in Brussels and spent the day with a few of his students, showing them my favourite walks and spots. Not that I know the city extremely well, but I’ve at least mastered where the main things are and can point them out from anywhere. Thank the stars and my dad for my sense of direction. We walked all over taking pictures with my new Samsung NX3000, aka my new baby. I think my favourite thing to photograph was Joel’s beard after eating a waffle, and the formation of his chocolate goatee. 
I also love the selfie function on this camera; you can flip up the screen so you can see what you’re taking pictures of without losing any quality or DoF from your lens. We tested it out in the Grand Place while waiting for the last straggling students to make their way to the waiting mentor. 

Gent, Ghent, Belgium, Terrace, Wine, Rose Wine

I was lucky enough to sit next to three of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen on the train and listened to them rave about how great Gent was, all while thinking “Ya damn right, it’s amazing.” Especailly since as soon as I got off the train I went straight to a bar called Gomez to meet up with PJ, who then made me the most amazing baked chicken dinner with some rosé on our terrace. 
It’s those moments that I really, truly cherish. I love sitting with our string lights and new plants, puppy on his lap and kitten watching us from her hiding spots while we chat about anything we can think of. Terrace time is definitely our quality time together.
Good luck to the start of a new week!